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Beauty is seen as a place of refuge in our heritage.  SHALAWAMA (peace) of safety and happiness.   One lifting the way.  A wall continues a place of freedom inside walls of protection.  The wall and inside place of protection is surrounded and includes the YARAH.  YARAH surrounds us and inside we walk in YARAH, as in the way of living.  YARAH helps us to distinguish right from wrong.

I experience the beauty of YHWH and YAH’HASHAWAH upon seeking out YHWH’s truth.  As ABA YHWH stated he would put his power and knowing of the way back to our spiritual seats of power inside our hearts.  The way back home one day, the way of the original agreement.  Here in ARATSA (earth) we are experiencing the refining process.  And those outside of YHWH’s way, outside YARAH, are experiencing torment. We can tell the difference between refinement and torment by the way it changes or does not change us.  Religion teaches people to learn to adjust or deal with the sin as this so-called “suffering” is supposed to mean you are “anointed.” 

Wrong and sad because people are sitting in something we can and need to eliminate from our lives. Sin seems to be a word most people want to avoid saying like it is a plague.  As if people are only in sin if the word “sin” is spoken.  Ignorance is the state of ignoring something true.  Admitting there is sin means hating that it is there and that we got out of the way of ABA YHWH. Then asking and seeking forgiveness.  ABA YHWH is gracious enough to allow forgiveness.  Forgiveness means we are turning from that sin.  So, we do not stay in our sins like a badge of honor.

Home needs to be a place of beauty hence the attacks on the homes.  There must be a place of refuge from the outside world.  The world with works outside of YHWH, outside of YARAH.  And that place is home.  The scrip refers to a contentious man and woman.  Where they exist, peace does not.

I thought beauty would be in the church when I was seeking peace because it was not in my home, at school or work, with so-called friends, and especially not in relationships.  When I fell on hard times attempting to turn back to YHWH you would think the church would have been there.  Here is where I found they only attempted to meet some and some physical needs.  Spiritually they could not apply anything to assist me. I was disappointed with the lack of spiritual trust.  No discernment as to what to do and especially not the YARAH.  Only their version of what they call commandments.  No one could or would help me confirm what I felt about YAH’HASHAWA’s power, that it was true and that I was in fact beginning to walk in his ways.  Instead, I was mistreated by the “pastors.”  The people in attendance to the church turned it into a gossip fest.  Many of them happy to tear me down because apparently my deeply felt need to “serve” was making others look like they weren’t dedicated to the church.

Black Sheep

Now mind you my desire to serve was not to the church although that is what we are taught.  We are not limited to the church.  Church is not YHWH.  We need to look higher and my desire was to YHWH.  So there needed to be the true directing of what ABA YHWH calls service.  Learn more in this blog, “Do Not Hate the Word Obedience.”

Does beauty really come from within?  More negative energy comes with this truth.  The truth is beauty does come from within.  The negative energy on this says, “only ugly people say that.”  So let us unfold this truth and build it back up.

Truth, yes true beauty does come from the inside out.  I have lived this and I can give many witness accounts to this being true.  So, I know I am not ugly so where does our beauty come from?  My mother and aunt (my mother's oldest sister) said I was only pretty because I was in my teens at the time.  I ,actually, heard my aunt tell my mother she will get older just wait.  Yea, I am like what?  Why would you say something like that?  My mother also at the time was calling me fat.  At the time I did not realize I am built to be a curvy voluptuous woman.  My body started at the age of 12.  I struggled for most of my life not realizing that I am not made to be smaller than a certain size.

So, I learned that even within family there was not safety that is suppose to come from the supposedly more mature women.  Instead, they were plagued with jealousy, envy, and selflove.  Self-love is not of YARAH.  Self-love and care for our bodies and heart’s are two different things and that is why lovers of self is mentioned as the destructive action that it is. 

Beauty in a home, people, or nation is a truly a place of safety that YHWH created it to be.  Beauty truly looks like peace and joy.  Where do we get this peace and joy?  We get joy from YAH’SHAWAH as he is joy because he is the head Shepherd showing us the way to live.  YAH’HASHAWA is beauty, he is the YARAH.  We live within the ways of YARAH and we look like the same people.  A family has the same characteristics that are shown in what they do and how they speak because of how they think.  However, each individual, is not made exactly the same.  A family is made each with individual gifts and skills that come together to support a home until time to create their own homes, the children.

Normally near by the parents that also walk in YARAH.  Why nearby?  Because they are still spiritual family and they each share ownership in the family land.  No one had a problem staying on the family land. So, the scrip about leaving father or mother is not true.  As in a house was built put on the land he was given by his father for the new couple, if the husband didn’t already have a house on the land.  The wives left our family to live with the husband’s family.  So, this thing about clinging to the wife’s family is clearly erroneous doctrine.

Scrips mention things would be turn around in the last days.  So, it is popular for everyone to put the wife first, then clearly that is not how it operates under YHWH.         

Men and women are considered beautiful.  Yes Men and women.  So let us take a look at beauty. 

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