Beauty Unfolded The Real Meaning

Beauty is seen as a place of refuge.  SHALAWAMA of safety and happiness.

The surface level of beauty is looks. As in the outward appearance of what we see.  I am not saying I don’t find joy in looking at a handsome man but there must be more to that man to capture my interest.  One of the things I am waiting for is qualities that go deeper.  Are those qualities in a man that is not handsome to me?  Yes, but I believe we will get what is placed in us.  A man that is handsome and has the deeper qualities for example.  Upon paying the bride price I have met this man.  More on the bride price later.

I know for sure I wanted peace in my home. I have had three serious long-term relationships in my life.  The second longer term I had two gifts, my two sons.  However, the relationships did not last.  The first one we were very young so it was not going to last.  We were teens and had no idea about being in a relationship.  He was developing into someone that could not control his body.  And I am one that can not sleep around.  So, it was time to part ways.  The second and third were full of great trauma and turmoil.  I learned a home is an inner place sometimes.  Sometimes it is not about living together because we did not.

However, having people spiritually abuse you is captivity.  It is destructive and it was tearing down an already beaten down heart in me.  My root system was not there as I mentioned in the Beauty blog.

As I gave my life over to YAH’HASHAWA and I am very grateful he accepted my repentance!!  I declared to walk in YAH’HASHAWAH’s ways and I mean this!!  I decree and declare my true obedience to YHWH!!  As I was joined back to this path of forgiveness in agreement with our heritage with our creation purpose and assignment.  I realized that I was learning that acceptance of YHWH means acceptance that YHWH created me.  Acceptance that I am a great creation by YHWH who says I am.  Then why would I accept someone else’s lowly thoughts about me.  That is right, I had to embrace true beauty.  To do that I needed to learn what that was. 

What we see today is not true beauty.  People are on a roller coaster ride of out-of-control emotions that are impacted by the popular opinions.  I got off that ride about 6 years ago, thankfully!!

So, time to unfold beauty. And the meaning is beautiful.


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