The Truth About Forgiveness

The Truth About Forgiveness

This one includes a worksheet so I can show you online worksheets and studies.  I never charge for scrip studies. Unless you requested printed materials then there is a cost for printing and shipping.  Otherwise, you can always access information here online for free. 

The Truth About Forgiveness Part 1

The Truth about Forgiveness Part 2

The Truth about Forgiveness Part 3

The Truth about Forgiveness Part 4

The Truth about Forgiveness Part 5

So, now we can look at the word “forgiveness.”  What can I say this word has had me in bondage for many years.  Too many years. So, what is forgiveness?  Why does it seem forgiveness means we never talk about or solve a problem?  Why does it seem to mean forgetfulness without correction?  Why does the person causing the problem believe they are not wrong?  Worse they feel they can act like nothing happened while you walk around waiting for them to hurt you again.  When someone knows what they are doing is wrong but refuses to admit it means that is who they are?  So why do we ignore that fact? I have more to come on this study because this goes deeper.  

The video is about 50 minutes and there is a worksheet. I hope to see you work through this one. I can say this one set me free!! Many years of falsely being accused of not "forgiving" are gone. Many years of knowing how to handle things were not wrong. And many years of wounds healed! HAYA ALA! I pray you to receive the same!

The Study Sheet- Email is only needed if you would like a copy of the worksheet emailed to you. Or if you want to save and return later to complete the study. The link to return will come to your email. Otherwise email is not required. Use the videos to assist you with the questions.

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