Day One Genesis 1 verses 1 to 5

Genesis the name GANASHAYASHA First Day.

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The unfolding behind the surface teaching.  The teaching is included in the PDF for you to scroll through .

We can begin with surface reading of GANASHAYASHA.  Supposedly a translated summary of what happened.  When we are able to look deeper or higher whatever perspective that you prefer we can see that there is much more going on.  We need to note that what happens in the SHAMAYAMA (spiritual) eventually happens in the natural realm.  So, what is translated is the surface or natural teaching and simultaneously the same event is happening in the SHAMAYAMA.

I recommend reading Genesis 1:1-31 surface scripts now.  You may pause the audio.

We must go deeper because the surface script will leave you thinking this is just a story as those outside of YHWH want you to believe. 

Now we are ready to discuss the deeper scrips.  Time to see what has and is happening. 

GANASHAYASHA 1:1 we begin with the first word.  The first word is not Beresheet or “in the beginning.” 

The first word begins with ABA YHWH and the word is RASHATAW.  The ALABATAW or what is called the aleph bet in the modern Hebrew starts with the aleph.  Here we see our language begins with The Creator.  RASHATAWA is the beginning and the end.  You will see RASHATAWA folded only into ATAWA AT or the (aleph and the tov).  When we make distinctions of the words and markers (letters) we can see there is a difference.  Because when you change the voice you change what we hear and who we hear.  When you change the writing you change the acknowledgement and vision of what we interpret or receive as flowing messages. 

GANASHAYASHA 1:1 we see the RASHATAWA The Creator is the beginning and the end is over-all.  We see RASHASTAW because the RASHA markers represent a head the top the beginning in this instance. 

RAHSHATAW is creating the living people and he is the head of the house.  He creates the living agreement or agreement of the living continually.  The agreement that never ends.  The agreement is created so that his people can return, back home to him one day.  Also note the water is the blood of life.  YAH’HASHAWA’s blood was shed for us to be remade and receive this breath of life again.

We do not see the BAYATAW here as the text would imply on the translation.  But YHWH is the beginning and the end and He Created the SHAMAYAMA, ARATSZ- (Eden), and the ARATHA (Earth).  YHWH creates the HARAMA YAH’HASHAWA the leader who is the word. John 1:1 surface confirms the word was created in the beginning and the word is our Shepherd and leader of YHWH spoken into life to continue life. (commentary).

We see the RASHATAW the great creator sets his plans into place.  Separation and joining.  The anointed Shepherd is “upon the waters” (commentary) to bring light.  (Commentary) The light comes through to bring the working power of life the working agreement and begins to set the agreement and works of the agreement into place.  – We would know this setting as foundations.  The process of purification and refinement to restore the slain.  (Those that submit and return through self-destruction.)  The creation of the SHAMAYAMA from the ARATZA and the ARATHA.  We see the ARATZA the ADANA (Eden) is being created as well. (Commentary.)

When I look at the words next to the translations I get the passage above.  If we go deeper we see what is happing in the SHAMAYAMA.  The SHAMAYAMA in verse one reflects that the YARAH is being set into place by the HARAMA.  We see the appearance of light pushing out the waste and void. So, we go into verse 1:2.

Going into verse GANASHAYASHA verse 1:2  we get the word SHABASHA.  A folded word but the SHANA is the letter that is part of the RASHA.  The RASHANA reflects many meanings.  We can review the unfolding write up about the SHANA.  Here we see a head leader speaking and setting into place a way, foundation, pillar, a way back shown through the light.  And this appearance is the SHAMA.  So, the SHANA pushes out any teachings and ways outside of the house so we see the word SHANABASHA.

The picture of pushing out as the SHANABASHA comes in it pushes out other works and leading.  BASHA in the modern Hebrew drew my attention to BASHA because the word is considered waste.  The word is considered waste in the Modern Hebrew because the SHANA is viewed as outside when on the left side and the SHANA on the right side is coming inside.  Seeing this word also marked that BARASHA interpretations is not “in the beginning” but would be “in RASHATAWA.”

Leading into verse GANASHAYASHA 1:2 we see the agreement is the foundation that is set into place.  Those of the agreement are rooted in this way and presses in.  YHWH raises the light pressing the people of the SHAMA through.  Taught and molded to reflect light.  Seeds planted.  (Securing the journey from the SHAMAYAMA.)  ABA says I knew you before you were in your mother’s womb.  The womb is the ground we pass through.  Jeremiah 1:5.  HAYAHA existed and created the people to live this with the mark.  Forms a working and setting the people to live this way. 

The people marked to shining the light are given the light to raise up deeply rooted to live and continue the house to the way placed inside of their heart roots.  (Deeply rooted.)  Cleanses the hearts changing their heart giving life places RASHATAW’s way inside of us.  The way to go and show is written in our MAYAMA.  The lamps glow from their hearts.  Carrying and setting the working in agreement of strength and power inside carried and taught by the leader of our hearts.  This great giver of wisdom and life gives new blood flow and one raised up and corrected rejoining their hearts through action of this leading.  Continually burning, watering, and building the hearts.

We can see a parallel creation here.   I also noticed with in the wording that deep inside of our hearts, the people of the agreement the people of YHWH were void and empty without his YARAH.  RASHATAW YHWH is showing darkness another marker towards who the people are and to the SHAMAYAMA the inner and unseen place needs light to come back into order.  HARAMA YAH’HASHAWA was in front of the faces as in teaching.  He was there to give us back the light.  Giving the dry bones new life. Ezekiel 37- note in this chapter prophecy is a Greek word meaning to fortune tell.  The word behind the word prophecy is DABARA the way shown of the house of RASHATAWA YHWH is YARAH.  That is the meaning of DABARA.  Modern Hebrew reduced this word down to “called or to speak.” (Commentary) 

Genesis 1: 3-5 says let there be light.  The light as in the QAWAMA now appears the sun. 


One thing I noticed is that had to be when the sun was created not as in Genesis 1:14-16 when the lights are said to be created.  Because we only have light when the sun enters.  So, we would not have light without the sun.  The sun rises even on cloudy days.  So, to me observing our natural, showing the appearance of adding words to cause confusion.  Keep this point in mind that means there is more behind Genesis 1:14-16.  We see the appearance of the Sun (QAWAMA or CHAMAHA) and the Moon (YARACHA).  Two great lights. Because we have light and we see the separation of the light from darkness.  Showing us there is a distinction now between light of day and SHARCHARA or CHASHARA(darkness) of night.  SHACHARA or CHARSHARA are the words for darkness.  If you look up the word black you will see SHARCHARA behind the word black.

The word in the Modern Hebrew for light is ORE but the real word is ARA.  The working power of ARA is YARA.  Therefore, we see YAH’HAMASHAWA is teaching our people the agreement and they accepted this light into their hearts.  The people accepted the way of the agreement.  Separating light from darkness as in life from death.  As in giving sight to the blind.  And hearing to the deaf.  The word used for darkness is not what we are taught darkness means.  Racism teaches us that darkness means evil but that is not the cause.  Darkness means spiritual or inward as in the unseen.  When light shines in the darkness you can see it shows what is standing in the shadows or in the SHAMAYAMA (spiritual).

We end with the first day of creation here.  The way laid out, the way of teaching to show us the way of living as those who each individually accepted this agreement before we were formed in our mother’s womb.  Thereby, although our family accepted it does not force any of us to be in the agreement.  We accepted each on our own and now we must relearn the way of RASHATAW YHWH. (Commentary).

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