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The prayer is seemly easy to learn. The prayer was taught to Christian religious children. The prayer sparked my curiosity as I wanted to verify if the prayer was translated correctly.

The journey began to translate this prayer in 2021. Spiritual warfare intervened and today we are at the press getting it out. Better later than never, ALL by the will and power of YHWH to carry me through. This day 8/5/2022 a day set apart to review. I am finally able to confirm that what was unfolded to me last year is correct. Yes, it is and it tells so much more. 

I can say the time has passed and looking at the OABARAYAM on this prayer now shows how my comprehension of YHWH’s message has increased. Again though YHWH’s power not mine.  I show up as asked at the appointed time and I am thankful that I am allowed to show up.

If you are reading this, I am thankful that you also are asked to show up to the table with ABA YHWH. Why do I say, “show up to a table?”  We are told the message is food. We relate it to the bread of life, the milk, the water, the wine, and the meat. We also relate it to the blood as in a lifeline. The relation to blood of the body is not related to food because we do not eat blood. The grape juice was the color of blood and when it references drinking the blood it was the wine made from fermented grapes. The “blood of the grape” gives us a visual example of the real blood shed by the sacrifice of the RAM YAHASHAWA.

We need this visual because it references living bodies and we have blood running through our veins. So, to have YARAH running through our LABA (hearts) is how the heart pumps blood throughout the body.  Only living bodies have flowing blood. Knowing this connection and a pumping heart with moving blood is essential to living then we can see how essential it is to put the ASHAR YARAH MATSAWAH (what has falsely labeled commandments) it is the blood in our hearts.

In our heritage, the LABA means heart, stomach, mind (spirit- SHAMA), and the continuation of life in the seed area. So as a man or woman “think” means the spirit you have. A spirit runs our thoughts whether it is our spirit or another. Therefore, the ASHAR YARA MATSAWAH is spiritual. When we “live as in do” what we are taught from the YARAH we change therefore we are transformed. We think and do things differently.

I want to expand more about my statement “Our thoughts are run by a spirit whether it is our spirit or another.”  So, does this mean we do not think for ourselves? Does this mean that we must have someone or something “command” us? Read more in this blog about “Letting Go of the Words Commandment and Law.”  Religion teaches us that we need to not think so much and let those leaders tell us what to do.

Since our heritage is not religious, we are encouraged to think. Our family was invited to join the agreement not forced. Our family chose to serve YHWH. Therefore, they were told to "think” about those things.  Or perhaps you may know this as studying or meditating on these things. Philippians 4:8-9.

Read more in this blog about “Letting Go of the Words Commandment and Law.” Hence the reason the YARAH is NOT a commandment. It turns out that we are repenting in this prayer. YAHASHAWAH says this is how we are to pray. He is telling us exactly what happened and what we need to turn from to return back to the pathway.

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