Revealing The Thought Movement

The Thought Movement

The importance of our words I explain how words tell a story, make things clear, and words to paint visual pictures.  Words or phrases can also cause spiritual (psychological damage) and that is why the children of the world are experiencing more mental breakdowns, but they cannot make the connection or refuse to admit it is due to sin.  Words can also warn us about situations and if we are walking in sin.  A thought leader is a shepherd, so he leads thoughts.  No, this is not reading into something this is reading the truth right in your face.  Most people know the job of the thought leader is to inspire.  The inspiration is a spirit.  When we piece this together you realize a thought leader is set to conjure a certain spirit in people under the disguise of positive or informative or whatever group needs to influence the people in their favor.  

A thought leader will not normally use scripture and if they do it is twisted scripture.  The thought movement supposedly began in 1830 and is considered a “spiritual” movement with roots in metaphysical beliefs and this movement has “guided” a variety of social changes.  Britannica says it started with people dissatisfied with scientific empiricism and their reaction to religious skepticism of the 17th and 18th centuries.  We know pagans attempt to call the scriptures of YHWH religion so when they use religion, they are putting down the scriptures.  The people of YHWH know that righteousness is not a religion because they only have the appearance in some cases as righteousness but fail to acknowledge the truth.  The thought movement started way before 1830 and can be seen in scriptures and through the Greek and Roman cultures and more pagan cultures.  

Since the Greek is abstract thought means thinking has the potential to understand real concepts or events, but they cannot directly tie them to a physical object or experience.  The Hebrew is concrete thinking meaning you can see a physical example of the unseen; hence we can see YHWH in relating life to the YARAH in everything.  The abstract thinker is the wavering spirit in the scriptures because they go with every wave of doctrine always seeking the truth of YARAH but never embracing (coming to) an understanding.  The wavering spirit believes the lie that the scriptures are up to private interpretation because the thought movement teaches you can create your own meaning, or you can create your own life.  There are other related psychological (spiritual) practices that are not in the scriptures of YHWH.  The law of attraction is a religious practice that is very popular as it attempts to use scripture to “create” whatever you think is good and will be attracted to you.  

So, when I say, “there is but one good,” and He set the standard most of the followers of the thought movement are offended.  The people of YHWH expect the offense.  I do not deny that the power of thought is real, but I know it is different from the thought movement.  The thought-moment is abstract there for it can be imaginary and people can think it is real.  Today people say that about us that believe the scriptures of YHWH are real although the scripture is proving, and prophesy is still coming true.  Many have chosen to ignore this fact and will strong-arm (in Hebrew the arm the YADA is movement, so it is a change of mind.) people to attest to this lie as well.  

Since the LABA (heart) is the seat of consciousness that proves that the mind is the spirit and soul, we connect to the spiritual via the mind.  The Greek view of their demonic psychology is proof that they know the heart is the seat of consciousness.  The armor of YHWH specifically shows us how spiritual warfare works so we are dealing in the spiritual and the natural no doubt (no doubt is a common term among my people group).  Acknowledging the truth of YHWH is the power of embracing in my heart and mind (the soul and spirit) that YHWH is the only ALA HO YAMA and IS powerful.  We connect and acknowledge his power via thought.  The thought that can overpower the heart is the control center just like the little cartoons we have seen driving a person.  Linking us back to the power of words.

Again, linking things, we say and do to the spirit of YARAH.  We are not to doubt YHWH.  I remember a very vivid dream that I was in my car, and the passenger said the car was someone I grew up with and she was a person that was filled with doubt.   Through this dream, YHWH helped me to see why I was having issues, in the current day, with people around me as I thought more than just what the world calls positive, but I thought on the instruction of YHWH and followed YHWH’s instructions.  I am more than a hearer of the word of YHWH I am a believer (be-ye-livers) live the word.  I was able to see through this general term of the believer.  Everyone is not a believer because there are unbelievers, especially in the Church.  Why? The church has vain (empty and self-centered meanings) teachings.  I do have to say all because once you see and acknowledge the truth you cannot still call the Church biblical regardless of what they name that building.

Thinking on YARAH is the power to overcome all the other spiritual mess sent to destroy the people of YHWH.  People know that mind games even from the scripts take people out, so we have to fix our thoughts to fasten to the truth.  Fasten to the truth means to hold on even if someone can make it appear untrue but, in our hearts, we will know it is a smokescreen trap to cause us to sin.  

In James 1:19 we can see a clear picture of how words are used to implant the wrong meanings and since words paint pictures people go with the primary thought.  Except for the one area I pointed out they enter scripts that states as “slow to understand.”  Slow is not in the OABARAYM.  We know James is referring to YARAH where we do not strive (argue and fight and especially with anyone that does not know YARAH.), We are patient and patience is a fruit of the spirit of YAH, we listen first before reacting because someone acting in anger is in sin and can not think clearly on YARAH.  We also have scripts showing us where the wicked are waiting for us to get angry at their enticements to cause us to sin.  Therefore, thinking on YARAH is our lifeline, a hedge of protection and it is not an envisioned gate.  Although you can imagine a gate as that is one of the symbols of protection, we know that is the result of meditating (study), walking in (doing or living out) YARAH.

Indoctrination (brainwashing) example using the word slowly.

Now I understand many of the strange comments I have received because people literally think I am the delusional one, but scriptures tell us it is them.  Helping to set my mind (spirit) free in the word of YHWH I can stop listening to their false accusations and put-downs.  

People picked and choose what they will follow, and religion is teaching people they can just take the scripts that make them feel good and support their sins.  I have experienced saying something very clearly verbally and in writing and people still walk away with what they want to understand.  Later, arguing that I was not clear with them, at least until I pull out the written record or recorded conversation again.  They must back down but they are still angry and in denial.  The culture has taken the thought movement too far and they cannot see nor hear any truth.  All information comes across as what they think it means.  “What does it mean to you?” thinking and using scripts to support the thought is called private interpretation.  The scripts are not up to private interpretation but because of this lie even in business, people make up their own outcomes and will fight any opposition.  I just could not believe my eyes and ears when I saw and understood what was happening.  Psychology calls changing a situation, so the person feels better or looks better is reframing, and in communication, this is called “twisting words.”  But also, as I study words and meanings more and more, I see it is also part of the curse by YAH at the tower of Babel and wickedness keeping strife constantly going.

A prideful spirit loves the thought movement because all thoughts center around them.  If people do not think like them, the people get cut out and of course, this elimination process is likened to the scriptural culture of eliminating sin.  People really believe, “either you tell me what I want to hear and do what I say or leave.”  I will leave every time because this person is setting themselves up to be worshiped and as a YASH'RAAL I cannot and will not break YARAH by working something or some other than ABBA YAH.  Normally my so-called friendships end there because people want a foretelling (psychics or fortune-tellers), not prophecy (telling the truth YARAH.)   

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