YARAH Part 1 Update

We have much to learn and will continue to learn. I have learned that we need to share what we have received properly. We know sharing what we have received properly as correctly "dividing the word." I will return to that erroneous teaching later. So I first thought I should update the initial blog but I thought why not show the progression? Once ABA YHWH confirmed this thought I created this blog.

The first MATSAWAH is directly linked to the oath our Fore family took at the bottom of Mount Sinai.  DAVARAYAMA 6 (Deuteronomy 6) tells us to love YHWH our Ala (the Hebrew letters do not show an “I” nor an “E” in this word) with all our heart (heart and mind are referred to as the lab in the Hebrew) and all our being (NAPASHA), and all our mind is repeated in DAVARAYAMA.

YAHOSHUA says in MattithYAHu 22:37 KJV-

YAHOSHUA says unto him, you shall love YHWH with all your heart, and with all your being and with all your mind.

Davarayam 6:5 And you shall love YHWH Alahaka with all your heart (LABABAKA) and all your being (NAPHASH)

YAH'HASHAWA repeats how to love YHWH, how to love Him and it also is from Davarayam 6 and the ACHADA MATSHAWAH.

Here are some referencing scriptures: Matthew 12:30, 1 John 1-5 KJV, 1 Corinthians 1:10 (name means mark covenant or sign because a name puts us into the mind of what that person or being represented.), Deuteronomy 32:17 KJV, Exodus 32:16, 1 Kings 12:28-30 KJV, 1 Samuel 17:43, Judges 10:6 KJV, 2 Kings 17:27-31, 18:33-35, 1 Kings 14:23, 28, Acts 17:23 KJV, Isaiah 2:8, 17:8 KJV, Isaiah 42:17 Exodus

Looking at 1 John 1 YHWH gave me the revelation and confirmation that the covenant was given in the beginning. Look at Barayashat 1:27 KJV deeper.

The trickery in this verse says YHWH created man and female but with the study of Hebrew the word covenant but this word is MATSHAWAH is here. YHWH created the MATSAWAHA. OTAM means a people pushing toward the mark or a people pushed to the mark by our supreme power. ZAKAR means to point out the lamb of YAH which is the cornerstone. Prepare and keep the appointed times for your refinement. The real word hidden behind female is that it means to pierce, name, or appoint. YHWH created mankind in his image as a name is an image the image is the MaTsaWaHa his righteousness for us to remember and prepare for the return of the one that was pierced for us for his name’s (OTAM or ALA) sake at the appointed times. YHWH created the covenant and mankind for His righteousness. I know the word female means more than female. Yes, YHWH created us male and female to walk out the MATSAHWAH but here the female means the feminine use of the word as in a feminine action.

We start in the beginning with the agreement and the appointed one. Love in Hebrew means to walk out, live, hear, and do and that was from the beginning.

If we look deeper at OTOW Strongs H853 this is not only the meaning of “him” as they have added here. But it means mark, to sign, sign and that means the MATSHAWAH the mark of the house and nation of YAH and the YAH’HAWASHAWa sacrifice that we can reenter and live. The word otow means of “him, his mark sign” and we know that is the agreement of YHWH.

A related script shows the same word but is surrounded by a prefix and suffix.  When you drill down to 226.

When you drill down to the origin of the world

But we can go deeper into the origin of the word. We get their version of AVAH in modern Hebrew. In the OBARAYAM it is AWAH or ALWAHA.

AWATA is also a word that “mark” or we know this as the Alapa Tov for YAH is the beginning and the end and it is the agreement to come into the mark the binding of accepting the mark of the house of YAH. The root word is ATA a literal pressing to the mark by Ala and we see we burn the sacrifices of the old sinful prideful LABA at the door da.

This is not an accident that the word “otow” is here in the verse 1:27. As I mentioned before the word Zakar but the verse list it as only meaning male, but we must drill down because Zakar 2145 means more than remember.  The root word to remember changed to the noun form but is still rooted in an action.

The message is “man to remember.”  Here’s where we can say, “remember what?”  We go back to the “ATA” that pointed us to something and that was the mark or the sign.  The next word says it means “and female” but let’s drill down to 5347.

Double meaning here as it does not mean women only, but YHWH created males and females to remember the piercing at the appointed time. HalleluYAH!  He is speaking of us to remember the covenant and the one that will be pierced at the appointed time for our salvation! It is in the beginning!!

YWHH created us to live the OTAMA- remember is also active as in “do” bara means to created or make.

OTAMA brings us back to the mark sign and the covenant. 853 Root is ATAW

The heathen cannot translate this mark, but we know. 

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