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What Is Love?  Do we know what love looks like?

Over the years I struggled with love.  I struggled with recognizing what love is and I often attempted to chase it down.  I thought that although people would treat me harshly, they had moments of kindness or I should say kind words, I would continue to try to be around them.  Although I could feel my contribution was more than theirs,  I thought perhaps I could “love them” through their pain. I can tell you it does not work.  There are many people that have a difficult time seeing genuine people.  Most people think all people are selfish and cold-hearted. People have to choose change. The exact reflection that our Creator does not force change on us.

AHABA What is Love Video 1 of 2 Videos.
AHABA What is Love Video 2 of 2 Videos.

People have a hard time seeing past jealousy and envy.  People do not realize that the spirit of jealousy is going to hinder you from seeing your gifts.  The spirit of jealousy will also cause people to miss people sent to surround you and support you because you are so worried about them “out shinning you.”  Therefore, the community connections fail, because instead of coming together to support each other certain people are looking for ways to take down others.

So, what is love?

I can tell you that love is NOT the definition that we know today. 


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