The Underachiever

The underachiever rawaq is often confused with the rawaq of laziness because we are not taught the real meaning of lazy. (The We Must Change Series).

I realized I spent most of my life trying to encourage underachievers.

The truth of the matter is underachievers like where they are. And will fight the person attempting to encourage them for more. 

My eyes were opened to hear a similar habit of the underachiever.  In their stories the underachiever comes close to the goal but never finishes their projects.  Blaming someone or something else for holding them back when the truth is they stopped short for whatever reason.  They tend to leave a trail of unfinished projects and tasks and refuse to accept responsibility.

The ones that I know seem to take pleasure in attempting to make the Achiever fall short of our goals.  Almost like the underachiever puts more energy into making sure other people don't make their marks either.  At first look the underachiever can appear to be a jealous person.  Yes, that spirit is there but it is not the only shama (spirit). 

The underachievers also spend their energy attempting to determine how they can make others work for them while they chill.  They want to avoid any thing that seems like work. Work to them can include planning. And if you ask them to write it down, they will say, "can't you do that?"  They feel higher and mightier than others. So they feel someone else can complete what they call "work."  You would think this is what we know as the “lazy” person but learn more about the shama of lazy on this blog: The Lazy Spirit

The underachiever also must spend a lot of money to accomplish things as they do not develop their own skills long enough to continue to use them.  Often all the new adventures need startup money and this can put a drain on the bank account.  Once they start a new venture the underachiever will abandon the other ventures.  Here’s a blog about cultivating your skills on my other website. Blog:

I am an Achiever.  I set goals and I break down each goal into steps.  I cycle through a daily process until I reach my goals.  First and foremost, I seek my spiritual guidance and leader from above.  My creator walks me through so I am never alone.  He also picks me up when things don't go as I planned.  I believe more in my Shepherd than what it looks like and that encourages me to keep believing in me.  I know my creator's work does not fail and that I can stand in ABA YHWH’s Power firmly.  KANA! 

YAH'HASHAWA is all about transformation. So an underachiever can become an achiever with work and a new heart holding to consistent routines with joy. This is exactly what we do when we walk in YARAH.

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