The Word Ignorance Breakdown

Is ignorance really a lack of knowledge?   In my last blog, I covered knowledge and acknowledgment, and the word ignorance is in one of the definitions when you dig deeper.  What is ignorance?

The definition is an example of brain contamination.

But the root word is "ignore." The second part of the word is “ance” and it means a state of being, so how can this word be totally different from its root?  Yet another reason we need to talk to our children about what they are learning.  Parents can stop this as we learn the truth and acknowledge the truth.  Who created this definition and applied it to a particular people group they also created a label for this group?

I can see in this next example how the changing of the word began.

Because you can’t deny that "ignore" as defined above doesn’t mean “not knowing” ignorance can’t mean lack of knowledge, but it means the lack of acknowledgment. If you were able to read through the flow you will notice that ignorance doesn’t match its own definition.    

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