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This series is a companion to the MATSAWAH series so I can roll them out at the same time.

I want to preface (start) with that most people call the passing through of the press, the fire, and living waters a “religious” thought process but I am not religious.  Learn more on this blog about religion. I am spiritual, a spiritual being. I am not simply repeating taught practices to appear saved. I comprehend there are works to our salvation. Works that I did not create but that I have the gift of mercy and grace to be allowed to follow the LAWA and live these works (actions) called the way.  I am on a preset path, yes and this is how we know what we need to do to return home.  There are biblical references to wedding feasts. One of the wedding feasts parables references the first group of people invited to the feast but have chosen not to attend the wedding. So, people that are ready to be changed are invited to the wedding.  But there is one man that refused to change.  He decided he was going to come as he was but not change.  Here is where we can connect another biblical parable about yeast. A little yeast leavens the entire loaf of bread.  So, it would only take one to puff up others in his same self-righteousness and take them down with him.  Sounds familiar if not I am referring to the heavenly battle caused by the kicked-out ones.

Also, the wedding feast is referring to people that will spiritually change.  We receive new garments as we change inside each time.  A new garment represents a new and stronger covering and protection. As well as an anointing. Hence one of the reasons people are so caught up in apparel.  Not saying we cannot have a well-kept appearance but do we have true beauty?   

We are the true light-bearers…..the people giving the authority to bring the fire and the way.

There is a saying, "you do not look like what you have been through."  But when I walked through the fire, I looked like a HOT MESS, but thankfully you cannot tell that now. You cannot even smell the smoke. HAYA ALA (Praise my Almighty, All-Powerful Leader, and Shepherd)!

ABA sent HIS messengers (MALAKA) his people to help me.  I called on my heavenly father (ABA) in the struggle and he sent help.  They brought refreshments in the form of spiritual water (prayers and scrips) during my season of the press, the fire, and persecution by our enemies.  And they brought natural things that I needed to fight natural things as well because the spiritual things had manifested. 

Spiritual things manifested here in this realm because my sister and I pushed out what we noticed as destructive habits. Family habits that brought on generational destructive outcomes.  Later we desired to push out sins and we were seeking our Savior (HA'MASHAWA, HaMashiach, or Jesus) for salvation and guidance.  During the most recent pressing fire to change our spiritual beings, we learned there were deeper things going on. And we know these things as generational curses. We begin to receive deeper revelations and visions to dreams we had about who we are as a people.  We will go into more on this under Foundations with Tompeka Coard. 

So to the prideful, if you think our family is the only family with sin then that is your sin.  Pride for thinking you and your family are without sin.   

We have to pass through the fire so we can bring living waters to those who are suffering, dehydrated, and dying from their sins too.  Once they come out, we go back to help others, and we multiply the living people of YHWH.  I am not speaking to the self-righteous who refuse change.  I am speaking to those seeking an inner knowing that there is THE HIGHEST POWER and there is no other way for us to return to him but by HIS way.

Walk with us as we unfold the MATSAWAH the power and light from the heavens that came and reconnected us back to our salvation. 

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