The Standard Behind Honor Your Mother And Father Commandment

Let me begin with the fact that I DO NOT back or support the disrespect of our parents. However, we need to clarify who is our mother and father. Also, what is behind this scrip? Can we see the surface scrip is twisting and used to control children instead of guiding them?

The “commandment” to honor thy father and mother.  I was surprised to see the truth behind this scrip.  I wholeheartedly believe in honoring our parents.  However, I was curious about some parents that treat their children like garbage.  What about parents that demonstrate sin and do not care?  Should we call them out or leave them alone?  Are we dishonoring them to call them out on their sins?  We are taught that if we disagree with anyone we are arguing (Greek culture).  Therefore, some parents use this in conjunction with this MATSAWAH in error to force children to bend to their will and not the will of ABA YHWH.  Now according to the surface scrips, you would think we disrespect parents when we correct them so seeing what is behind the scrip reveals that there are parents that are in sin.  

Yes, we can call them out on their sins. Because if they claim to be followers of the creator, they are to conform to the MATSAWAH just like we do.  However, some parents believe in following religious practices that teach them lies about the ability to sin and still get into heaven.  Not true as there is another scrip even without unfolding that is clear that if you continue in willful sin there is no more salvation for you.  I say that is essential to know that point.  I know we are uncovering scrips but what is happening in religion is that the sin that is known in our hearts is treated as if it is not sin.  As if that sin was added to the scrip.  So, we need to learn through seeking YHWH for the truth.  Hence the reason you see me working is to uncover what ABA is showing me.  I also seek out confirmation.


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