The Revealing of Genesis Chapter 1 Verse 1

Real Date 3/7/2022

Seeking out a matter is to the honor of the MALAKA (called angels today) Proverbs 25:2. The humbled messengers of power of ABA YAH.

The first entrance of light is ARTHA (The light of order as this is ARA and THATAW), what we call lightning today. The first light is the light of the fire, the hottest fire. When we look at the streak of lighting it looks like the MAYAM on its side. A vivid illustration of the entrance of the LAWA is our flowing connection of authority from the SHAMAYAM.

The MAYAM is the folded symbol for the MATSAWA. Here we kill the lie that "we are no longer under the law."

The MAYAM leads us to unfold the flowing connection from SHAMAYAM (heaven) that we know falsely are taught is called the law (European word) but it is the LAWA to us.

The light also gives us vision in the dark (OLASA - a one-eyed meaning lack of vision and looking to self-authority as a binding and stabbing, turning spirit.). We can now see what is happening before us and give a fair advantage to those that do not have night vision unless you do not want to see the light. Then you will get sucked into the working spirits of evil.

Part 1 of 2. The video will stop at 15:23. No ending I had to break up the video to upload. Move to part2.
Part 2 of 2

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