A Look at The Original Scrips of the So-Called 10 Commandments
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The “10 commandments” sparked my review upon realizing the so-called 10 seemed to leave out additional information and additional “commandments.”  I have previously mentioned that most of us know that fornication is an unspoken but well-known sin among the gentiles.  But since the gentiles believe the LAWA is gone away they believe they can fornicate.  Hence research the sexually transmitted disease numbers for the church. Also, see this blog The Death Trap Lie of Religious Leaders.

I am not part of a “church.”  Upon reading the scrip YHWH began to impress on my LABA that church was not of his people.  Regardless of what we believe we have gatherings but not what we know today as the church.  If you do you are still out of the will of YHWH.  I admit it was difficult to leave especially when there is the pressure when you turn against the church system.  Persecution came after me not because I was disobedient but because I was running to be obedient.  However, most of the members got out of dodge as they believed I was in sin for leaving.  Heavy spells keep us in those places and this is the reason most make many excuses.  My sister to give you more within foundations.

I am in such a state of appreciation to ABA YHWH for revealing the OBARAYAM so we can peel back the masks.  So today I get to share with you what ABA has shown me so far for Exodus chapter 20 verses 1 through 17.  And of course, the truth is so folded that for me it immediately revealed who was in sin and why they need to hide the truth of our LAWA.  I would like for you to first visit the previous blogs to learn more about MATSAWAH.  What I share with you is from the beginning our roots and these standards were and are not pushed on our family.  They were and are a choice and we happily agree.  No force and no coercion.

Thy words were found, and I did eat them; and thy word was unto me the joy and rejoicing of my heart: for I am called by your name, O YHWH ALAHAYAM of hosts. Jeremiah 15:16 KJV

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