Now from the previous blogs we see the flow chart how the "spirit" came from RABA YHWH. We see the "law" - YARAH is "spiritual" SHAMATAYAKA.

The foundations enter so looking at the BASHA.

A seat (rear end butt), teeth, double doors, gate doors, wall, stone, book, tables, foundation floor block patterns, stairs, pillars, fire pit or bottom of the grill so it means fire because it holds the light inside, windows.  The fire that cooks the food and burns the sacrifice. A box with a divider. Knuckles to press in and knees as in to bend knees together in prayer, breast, chest, chest cavity, tool, scale, container.  When thinking of the markers we think of what they can do in action. Some actions, press, crush, consume, eat, devour, hold up, lead, give instructions, supports, shows the way, firm, firms, secures, establish, growth, shield, bond, breast, bone, chest, chest cavity, measure, moves, clears, presses down, holds up, shuts down, double, two, increase, wisdom, learn, tool of management, order, preparation, widow, and glasses.

The SHANA called the shin or sin in the modern Hebrew and paleo.  The SHANA is the image of the things I listed above.  We see the molding and setting of foundations in GANAWASHAYASHA (Genesis).  The foundations that are set for us to live the living agreement.  The SHAMA way back home.  And SHASHA folds out to show us wisdom.  Preparation. Steering a map as it guides us along the way.  An airplane steering wheel is shaped like the SHANA. 

In the beginning ABASHA.  ABA creates the foundations to give light to a dying, chaotic plane (realm). Audio 1 ends here. Please watch the videos and then pick up with audio 2.

Video 1 Start Here. Length 1 minute and 58 seconds.
Video 2. Length 4 minutes and 3 seconds.
Video 3. Length 4 minutes and 17 seconds.
Video 4. Length 3 minutes and 42 seconds.

Part 2 Audio Blog Reading.

I mentioned in the previous video the ARA and ARATHA blog that people are rotting in their sins.  The world is admitting strange and lingering smells coming from their bodies.  We are seeing that SHAMATAYAK death has a smell.  Because a rotting dead body kills people.

Disorder keeps us all over the place.  And what I have found is people pretend that they love disorder.  At least to those of us they do not want to listen to so they think they can avoid admitting they are on the wrong path.  I have seen people lash out at me for attempting to help them find ardar and thereby find peace.  I am attempting to give them some SHALAWAMA (peace) and power.  But they don’t want to hear it from me.  The RAWAQ of Pride is at work.  This means the people are still turning from the way of YHWH. 

I know this because I know that is the root of my leading of my advice.  I know that I am living what YAH’HASHAWA is teaching me so I know this is turning from YHWH what they are doing.  Hence the reason YAH’HASHAWA said if they reject you remember they have rejected me first (John 15:18 (YAH'KANAN). (commentary)    

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