ASHAR - Real Date 6/2/(2023)

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What is ASHAR.  In the scrips ASHAR shows up as Asher.  And this word is hidden behind the word and number ten.  Why?  Why would ASHAR mean ten.  At first my sister and I began to wonder if Ashar was the tenth tribe of YASHA’RAAL.  And the answer is no.  So why would Asher mean ten?

The response RABA YHWH shows me that the ten is a marker.  The marker there is the YADA the tenth marker.  Here this is a SAMA. A waving to alert us that there is a working of power here. 

SAMA Pictorial graph

A pointing of the way.

Arm - YADA

The YADA includes the arm and the DALATAWA (door) or as in a swinging and moving action of the arm.  The arm moves.  The arm also directs and points when it is moving and the DALATAW the door to the way.  There is one way but many doors inside of the way.  Each signifies  a transitional state.  One must rise to the standards to meet the measurement to receive the key above the door to unlock and enter the door. 

Also taking hold of the way.  Taking hold of the LAMADA the staff that the door is hung on. The threshold.  I am seeing two LAMADA here.  One above and one below.  Walking to and rising as in reaching for higher.  Our walk as in what we do and the moving arm all show us works as in doing is present.  There is a way to live life.  Anything outside of that way is not of YHWH regardless of how we want to see life. 

Submission means I agree YHWH’s way is right and anything outside of that is not.  I agree and will hold up and hold to YHWH’s way and thankfully in return he will help me do so.  Because we all know we go into something ready and along the way we get distracted or we allow doubt to enter and are off and going the wrong way again.  RABA will not hold us but we must admit okay I need help keeping my focus.  And when he points back to the tasks at hand then we go with him. You do have a choice not to go.

The need to or want to do something else is called a “desire” in the scripts.  Desire is used because it creates two flames using the Greek wording either passion (most often connected with lust) or hate.  We have the word KAYA and it means fire in the OBARAYAM as in a fire burning.  When we think of a burning fire it is not connected to lust but connected to the drive to want to do something and specifically answer and do what we are given by RABA YHWH.

If you have ever had a strong urge to do something it can feel like burning.  Or what we call a burning so it is connected with fire in that sense as it is heat.  Yes desire is also related to intimacy and lust in our heritage as well so we have to learn the difference and it is also related to the heat of anger.  We want desire under control and desire as in clean focus thoughts.  So we are not speaking about lusting here.  Lusting also comes in different forms you can lust as in will do anything to get something that is often called drive today.  We are told not to chase things and this would include people. 

When looking at ASHAR the word is part of the SHANA.  ASHAR we can hear ash as in ashes.  ASHAR has different meanings but it means fire, pillar, and happy.  Fire because one that walks the straight path of YHWH as in living the YARAH will begin to change and it presses in like a pillar and it begins to ignite a cleansing fire.  Hot water boils out or cleans out impurities.  Hot water also changes the item placed in the water.  Then fire can completely burn something that is not made for the fire or something that is overcooked.  Hence we are not in the fire unprotected while we are being cleansed.  Then the cooling water comes to cool us off for a period and refresh us to give what was refined through the fire to settle in and then we go through this process again.

But there is a desire to be made new and so it is happiness to ASHAR.  So ASHAR brings the fire.  Fire is also seen as a light.  So ASHAR lights the way.  Hence it is part of the SHANA of setting the foundations that transform us preparing us to return to the Kingdom our original purified state before the fall. 

We see YADA is laying a foundation setting up the door and framing out what we need to meet in the way of standards to enter.  We are being transformed at the door before we are allowed to pass through in a newer cleaner state.  We can’t take the unclean with us.  I also see the YADA waving as it begins to start a fire if you have ever grilled or cooked out.  Or even if you have started a fire to burn something, Even a fire place is an example.  There has to be some wind or something fanning to get the flames going.

The SHANA the pathway is placed in between the folded word so we see someone is being lead or leading on a way to walk.  LAMA in here for the MASHA is leading man and woman on a way.   

ASHAR pictorial graph



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