Standards LAWAGADA

I quickly stand in defense of your lamp and light, my fight.- YASHAKA YASHAR 

I hear these words in my SHAMA.

Psalm 39:1 Translated


PASHA LAMA 39:1 – Flowing message and your strong authority.  Your surrounding living and mighty power of one submitted.  And strongly holding to your way of living.  Lives the works given to us of an authority.  Places me to hold strongly to the way in my heart continually producing the works of the living blood of life.  Continually submitting (giving up my selfish ways) a receiving your light to guide me mightily flowing RAWACHA brings me in and guides me safely to and on your way. HAYA RABA!

The standards of living are presented here as a great flowing message and leader to us to live continually.  Never ending until the return and great change that we know is coming.  Until then we live everyday happily receiving the guidance that we need called the YARAH.  YARAH is the book of life that leads me and for me it is the only book I need.  I will read other books if they agree with YARAH.  Yes, and that is my choice. 

I am selective about the people I take counsel from and reading someone’s writings is their flowing messages from a SHAMA and a RAWAQ.  I don’t force people into my beliefs. And I don’t want anyone using passive aggressiveness or manipulation to force me to their beliefs.  I also do not want conflicting teachings confusing the way I am working and living. As I know I am operating in clarity.  I also know purchasing those products means I support them even if I am just reading those materials.  I know there are some materials that I must purchase but that doesn’t not mean I support them such as their bibles.  However, that is the only way we can access our scrip.

The standards have answered many questions, I have had throughout out life.  I received answers to questions that I asked others that were supposed to be guiding me. Answers from The Most High that proved their answers were part of causing the problems in my life and theirs.  When I know there is a problem in life I am all about cause and effect.  If something happened, what caused this effect?  Then how can we fix this problem?  I don’t believe in band aid fixes because we must pull out the roots.  We pull out the roots by taking out the dysfunction. So that, we can add in functional actions that produce much better and beneficial results.  Otherwise, the same things will keep happening. 

How we serve The Most High (RASHATAW) is a big part of the YARAH.  Personally, I am happy about this information. Because anything else is serving something else. And that is the reason other entities seem to have power in our lives.  And the scrip that says we can not serve two masters because we will submit to one and hate the other. Note we have a leader not masters because we are not slaves. But instead we can not serve two ways of thinking or inner workings and the creators of those workings can not conflict with what they are teaching us.

Correcting conflicting teachings is the same thing as a leader.  Thoughts are leaders hence society is so influenced by “thought leaders” today.  Thought leaders are leaders in placing thoughts into people.  Speaking is teaching.  A preacher is just a speaker that speaks on their scripts.  I am not a preacher.  I am a speaker for The Most High (RAWSHATAW) we are called ADANAYAH’s and LAMADAH’s.  Yes we are also teachers.

We are made to uphold the standards of The Most High (RASHATAW).  So, every time we fold and let someone get by, we are supporting something outside of The Most High (RASHATAW).  Our standards are our defense and protection and what creates a sound, confident, and strong mind (heart.)  Let us look at the unfolding of the word standards and that word is LAWAGADA. HAYA ABA!

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