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So we can hear the whoosh sound in wind. An unseen movement although we can see the moving of the trees we cannot see what is moving the trees.  The trees are moved by force.  The same with inward working.  We cannot see what is causing someone to respond the way they respond.  There is an unseen working or experience.  Hence the popularity of “triggers.”  Although I think of hypnosis when I think of trigger.  An experience does the same whether the experience was beneficial or harmful.  The trigger brings about the memory or a feeling or often awakens something that lashes out.  The trigger goes with a training a preset.  Something occurs to bring one back to that place before.  A preset is a programming or something written in us.  Such as DNA and something “written on our hearts.”  Successful training takes root and is remembered going forward.  Creating a cycle that builds or destroys. 

A mighty power.  Of unknown depth.  Can you see the surrounding power?  Something that you can consume and make new life or something that consumes and destroys.  A flooded garden creates viable ground for the primary growing season.  But too much water in the garden can cause death and disease to the plants not made to bear a lot of water.   There are plants that take that water and put it into the fruits.  The more water the juicer the fruit.  A dry plant can not have a lot of water it only puts a small amount of water into its fruit.  The lavender bush doesn’t need much water but strawberries need lots of water. The strawberry plant next to the lavender plant will absorb enough water it needs and gives just enough to the lavender creating a productive balance.  I say that because I am able not to over water either plant.  Working together.  Water without boundaries roams and depending upon the amount it can be dangerous.  So hence a roaming RAWAQ looking for a body to take over.  It needs a body to stay and work just as the trees move with the wind. 

We can see what is working in us and around us by actions.  The heart of a RAWAQ (or SHAMA) shows through their actions by how they treat others or respond to others.  Also, by what they are willing to help with such as a RAWAQ wants to help with what they want to help with and will quickly cut you off from asking for what you really need.  So, what is happening is they do not care what you need because you had better take what they will give.  I know one personally that will share with you when they eat out but will never ask you what you want.  You get whatever they buy.  Period.  And if you don’t eat it then they get an attitude stating you are ungrateful or selfish.  Self-righteousness appears as they lash out in words.  What if what you brought makes me sick?  Is that a lack of gratitude?  What if RABA YHWH says it is unclean?  Since we don’t ignore clean and unclean we can’t eat many foods that are supposedly called food today.  So, this work of unfounded anger is a RAWAQ.  All it needs is a reason in its mind.

The sound is also a moving SHAMA.  A working of direction of building or destruction. When the seed is spoken RAPA in to the ARAZATSA and into MARAYAM (character name in the script Mary) YAH’HASHAWA is created with a word.  Spoken and it done the MAYAM begins working the power what we know as the RAWACHA and the SHAMA.  The MAYAM is the marker that not only shows water but liquid of something with liquid like movement like fluids.  Sound vibrations and waves travel through gases and water in the air.  Liquid like movement.  When you look at sound vibrations you see a beating rhythm that looks like the MAYAM.

Out of the mouth the heart speaks.  The mind is revealed as in thoughts.  Some people call slips a mistake but we know that often it is passive aggressiveness.  And the RAWACHA call them out through their SHAMA it speaks.  Have you ever seen someone seemingly say something and immediately say, "wait!!"No and cover their mouth?  Or others that hope you did not hear them as they give you the side eye.  Some don’t even realize they said something they should not have said.  Since I listen closely I pick up on what they say or are not directly saying.  RABA YAH'SHAWAH points things out later as I am going through study. 

A prideful person likes to admit to things all the time and thinks the person they are speaking to is stupid.  And since this will come back to bite them I later watch as they seem much more toned down and careful of speech.    

When you think of the “feelings” the different forms of MAYAMA  gives use we see that feelings are sensing.  A power from the SHAMAYAMA hence the reason we can not just shut off feelings.  Feelings reveal many RAWAQ and we know this as discernment.  Psychology and science refer to the senses.  A sense is a observation because although eyes seemingly only feel with touch or does it.  When we see something that triggers a member it creates a feeling does it not?  Yes, it does so it is calling a sense.  We are aware of our other senses except to know they are connected to the SHAMAYAMA and a much-needed tool. 

The MAYAMA works through us to change us.  A flowing message that cleans us from the inside out the change begins on the inside.  Pushing out the unclean.  Although the things that stimulate this cleaning and transformation come from the outside.  Yes, life changes and challenges and letting things go begin to spark that flame of fire that will boil the water and burn off impurities.  When beginning to live the YARAH we now start that flame.  Takes us back to ASHAR and YASHAR we need the fire to heat the water.  (Commentary) The SHAMA lead by the RAWACHA begins to work in us to make us feel uncomfortable with sin. (Commentary)  There is no longer denying sin.

I can speak in my personal experience that I question most things people have said, including my "mother", was trying to teach me.  Interesting those same things they would attempt to judge me with as well.  When I said I did not want to live a certain  lifestyle or treat people with malice I was told I was going to get used.  Yes, I admit people try but it is up to me to stand up against those actions.  I do not have to respond with malice.  Thankfully there is a way to answer their attacks and keep me from forming bitterness.  Bitterness shuts down feelings and in turn it opens us up to more RAWAQ.  That is right because one refuses to put down pride and bitterness forms.  I know those people are not lashing out at me for anything I did to wrong them because I am always checking what I am doing with YARAH.  So why would I take it as a hit to my pride.  I have confidence and those are two different workings. Pride and confidence are two different things. I have confidence in me as a work of the GREAT CREATOR.  I have confidence in THE GREAT CREATOR.  Therefore, it is a attack of something else.

Working of the MAYAMA come to heal any wounds as I work to separate the forgiven by YHWH from the pardoned.  Some are excused for now but not forgiven.  Forgiveness is someone that wants to right the wrong by no longer living in the wrong.  Excused means they have no plans on correcting what they are doing and RABA YHWH says say bye, bye, and YHWH will handle them.  So do I have to deal with an abusive spouse or person?  No, certainly not. Because the YARAH outlines how we are to treat people. And why someone would hurt someone you are to be one with.  Therefore, we excuse abusive people in all forms.  If you want to get back at them we need to work on that pride.  I know it rises up out of anger how can you treat anyone so horrible?  But that is part of the increase we receive from realizing RAABA who still wants to heal them.  And considering I am not innocent of sinning against RA ABA then just like I want forgiveness perhaps one day they will too.  So, we do not have to be present in their lives for that to happen. (Commentary)

The working SHAMA in use keeps working and if we do not die to questioning we will get better at sensing what is not of YHWH and especially as YHWH reveals what is beneath the scripts.  Moving the dirt off and washing off the lies reveal the SHAMA the truth in a more consistent form and relatable form.  The truth is right before us.

The MAYAM includes the YADA that is a working a works it is a movement in action.  Isn’t’ daily living an action? And that is the MAYAM.

Watch the videos below for the unfolding of the MAYAMA. 


Start Here Video 1. Length 1 minutes and 58 seconds.
Video 2. Length 4 minutes and 51 seconds.
Video 3. Length 6 minutes and 49 seconds.

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