Day Two Genesis 1 verses 6 to 10

Now we begin day two.

Listen to the audio as you read along with the blog. Commentary included.

GANASHAYASHA 1:6 -We see the waters are separated and the firmament is set above and below.  Firmament as in a covering and a standard.  The leader of the standard is YAH’HASHAWAH.  The Head Shepherd is the firmament holding up the standard of living. A shepherd is a leader and a teacher. The door opens and the light enters leading the way.   We see the separation of two groups of people.  The people living the SHANAMAYAMA are the SHAMANA (SHAMA) and the people not living with the SHANAMAYAMA are the MANA (man as in self-lead).  So, we have the sky waters those of us living within YARAH and the people living within the earthly waters the MANA. 

The land is formed and securing a firm ground foundation or firmament that we stand on and come from.  Housing to secure the way of choosing how we will live.  The people that will continue the living within the way of the house of RASHATAWA YHWH. And those that refuse to live according to his way will separate. 

We are giving firm ground to stand on and work.  A firm rooting that will connect our LABA hearts and mind to the SHAMAYAMA again.  We are to work in the fields and prepare the people.  HARAMA the light on the hill is speaking life into us the people with the heart of the SHAMA.  Calling us back to follow the way of RASHATAW through his blood.

Technically we should have never been raised again after we sinned in the SHAMAYAMA because the wage of sin is death.  Thankfully, we are given the choice to live again. Because the blood shed for our sins through HARAMA YAH’HASHAWA, an innocent being and also the word.  We can now receive this new blood and breath molded (formed) again.  Here we choose again once we are remade who we will serve.  We choose by how we live either through the YARAH the teachings of the word HARAMA or going any other way that we know is sin. 

GANASHAYASHA 1:7 – The function that returns new heart will be made for those that chose to follow HARAMA.  We as individuals and as a people accept the agreement.  We accept this new heart made to live the standards.  We will do them and teach them and hold them up.  The way is awakened in our hearts.  We will continue this living through our houses as in our children.  Awakening what is in their hearts.  Yes, that means those that are born in the house but do not have a heart to live the ways of the house will need to be separated.  Perhaps you have heard the sword comes to divide the house Matthew 10:34-36.  Note the surface scrip says set against.  This does not mean arguing as we do not fight just because we disagree.  But the passive aggressive RAWAQ will attempt to come against and undo your workings.  The division comes when the sinner or sinners realize they can’t change those of us submitted to YHWH through living his YARAH.  Let them go.  YAH’HASHAWA says he has come to bring us peace so this lets me know the words used here are conflicting on purpose. 

The ways of man encourage people to force their way upon us.  But in the unfolding you can see RASHATAW stresses those with a heart as those who are seeking to confirm the YARAH that is written in our hearts.  We know the YARAH is written on our hearts because we don’t want to live like most people.  We see self-destruction and the disrespect of ABA RASHATAW YHWH and we don’t want to live like that anymore.  Repentance begins this turn around and we begin seeking the scrips to confirm what we are sensing.  Hence this is the meaning of written on our hearts.  The YARA literally runs through our blood or DNA.

We hold our children this way until they are adults.  They can choose the way to live at age 20.  We let them go.  I have experience religion believing they can make their children live according to their ways.  But when I began to sense YARAH AND put it into place they attempted to make me feel as if I was wrong for holding my children to the standards of YARAH.  Religious and my truthers worked against me to tear our family apart.  The battle to hold up what I sensed before I could confirm was difficult but worth the time.  We are still battling now but my children must make their choices.  In the meantime, I will continue with my own journey of submission to YARAH.  And I am here when they want to talk as a guide.

Once we accept this way the wisdom of YARAH begins to pour in with spending time as in study.  SHABATAW or SHABAT is all about study time.  Spending time with the word as in the word.  I needed and need those days and set apart times.  We as a people need this time to be filled again.  Anyone that believes they know or on the correct way or path without truly seeking to learn is not one of us.  Spending time in “service” as in doing work instead of studying is not the way either.  We must study before we have “works”.  Works, as in actions, come from learning.   Study doesn’t end either.  One doesn’t reach a level that is higher the HARAMA. 

We don’t reach a level that qualifies us to live in sin either.  Hopefully this will begin to separate outside teachings.  We are secured in living as in actions from study or thinking (when you study on something you think on) on the way of YARAH.  We begin to glow a radiant light that brings people in closely to want to know more.  We teach others the way of YARAH.  Not our way.  The scrip says we help others with how we are helped and that is with YARAH.  Not necessarily the same way we may have learned but it all should be the same as in YARAH. 

We are marked through our blood and firmly rooted.  We are molded into living this way that we may have heard as “the image” of the YAH’HASHAWA.  We are molded with new clay and blood.  We are covered with a “skin of protection” to live this way.  We are covered in protection to live the way of YARAH. 

Note there is a large religious sect that teaches to cover up their sins with the blood of the sacrifice.  That is never the correct translation.  You cannot continue to sin and believe you will live beyond judgement day.  The covering is to keep us strong and protected from those that come against us because we live in the way of the house RASHATAW thereby coming against him.


The Light creates the KANABA’s (the night lights) those deeply holding to and covering the way of the house of RASHATAW reflecting the light of the great leader the word, HARAMA YAH’HASHAWAH. The leaders of the night reflecting light.  Rules as in leads, keeps, and holds accountability to the standards over any other way the MANA.  Because we live in a higher standard.  HARAMA set the captives free and we continue reflecting the same teachings.

Setting and re-rooting those that uprooted.  The fallen are brought back up and returning to their seats again.

Here we end day 2.  

Next, Day 3 Genesis Chapter 1 continues

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