The Script or the Scrip
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There is a remarkable difference between these two words yet we are trained to call the testimony (witness) of YAHASHAWA and of YASH’RAAL the “scriptures”.  Of course, and thankfully, RABA YHWH said let us examine.

Script is a writing as in an actor script.  I know most people will refute this point but you can and will hear many references to calling our YARAH a story.  What is a testimony.  The best word would be the witness.  A testimony is a witness.  The word in our OABARAYAM is RAOADAWATAW (can your SHAMA see roadway in that word for witness?). And behind witness is the word "law." 

There are many food references in the script and bread is one of the most known references.  The bread of life but it also references milk, meat, water, the blood of life and wine.  Since most people hear the word “script” and automatically run or become combative, I wanted to know what is the problem?

While growing up we were not regular attenders at church. We attended up until I was13.  Then in my 20’s I knew I was missing my Shepherd but I did not know where to begin to change my life.  I was not happy and I knew I was on the road to destruction of my SHAMA. not to say there weren’t happy moments but a deep happiness was missing.  I needed this deep happiness because this is what keeps things like depression away.  Correct because yes, the reality is life is hard and things happen but we are made to stand through these things.  How do we do that if every little thing seems to crush us in dysfunctional way?  So, I knew something was wrong when things happened and I was suicidal.

I found a way to encouraged me to get up.  People around me fought me on this as I learned that they preferred for me to stay down as that is why they were working to depress me.  Depression mostly stems from oppression. 

I sensed things were off in my childhood.  So called “friends” were always I guess what people like to call negative.  So, what was there to combat this tendency to always see the depressing side of things?

I did not know how to read the bible at the time and personally I never spent enough time in the church to pick up the Christian beliefs and lingo.  I sang the songs but those songs had a deeper meaning to me.  I also was into other music so that spiritual working was working inside me as well.  I could feel an internal struggle.  I needed something strong to hold to, stronger than catch phrases.

What is script?  The etymology of script is writing.  And since religion calls their leaders story tellers and that the witness that we know today is a story book.  I was able to link their teaching back to the saying, “the whole world is a play.”  We can also see words like “role” added into their scriptures.  So, a script is something written for a play.  The scripts cover up the actual teachings.  The scrip is a different word.  But we call the “word” the MALA the flowing message the word the YARAH.

The YARAH is direction and instruction and a witness through YHWH’s RAMA YAHA’SHAWA.  We can see where we went wrong off into sin and how we were brought back.  Multiple times.  GANASHAWASHA (Genesis) is beginning to show the agreement came from the beginning not just in Exodus.  So, we do not have “stories.” Stories are lies.  We have witness to the truth.  Stories are made up scripts for a play.  We also do not have “roles.”  We have assignments that we are created for not playing a character.  "This is real life people." We are not actors but the identity thieves would be actors.

So, when we look at the two words, we can see a difference. Let us unfold Script and Scrip. 


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