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We have power in our words. Although I heard this, I did not grasp the meaning until around 2005 I began to seek how to change the things in my life.  I had an inner knowing that I had the power to change the destructive things in my life.  A lot of people were offended by me noticing the meaning of their words. I wondered why this was such a problem.  I thought it was very interesting that we had so much power with how we affected others with our words.  I later found that we have deeper meanings that are within our words to give us a visual to create a spiritual comprehension.  Spiritual wisdom creates deep heart changes.   Therefore, listening to what people say becomes even more important to see their heart and their thoughts.  We can create increases or curses and the power of life and death lie in the tongue. Perhaps you have heard the previous phrase in songs but let us be real most of us have a surface understanding. We do not know the true meaning of most of the words that are used against us. Thankfully, as I started studying the scrips I had to research and learn more about word etymology. A lot of it you see me share here on the blogs. I was also able to see how spiritual bondage is created or broken by the words we speak.

We have heard “there is life or death in the power of the tongue.” (Proverbs 18:21 KJV) Or “You have the power to speak blessings (blessings is not an appropriate translation here so we will cover "blessings" in another article) or curses over your life.”  Out of the mouth comes.

Here is a scrip that confirms that we need to gain wisdom and have the full comprehension from RABA YHWH to uncover the trickery in the world's word meanings. The meaning or what a person means (thinking in their hearts).  Proverbs 18:4 KJV the words of a man’s mouth are as deep waters, and the wellspring of wisdom as a flowing brook. Whose wisdom?1 (see related blogs list #1 at the end for more information.)

Now, YHWH2 is removing the blinders.  I noticed that certain people really enjoy the fact that we do not know and comprehend our words or what they are saying to us. Many take advantage of the fact that a lot of people do not take the time to learn more about the etymology of words or people really do not care about the origin of the words.  

Comprehension the origin is an indication of being rooted in righteous or unrighteous works. The parable of the wheat and tares are a great example of righteous or unrighteous roots.  Although the tares look just like the wheat upon harvest there is something that makes the tares look different from the wheat, so that the servants can then go and chop down the tares bundle them up and burn them.   There are also additional scrips talking about how the wicked will be cut down and this is also illustrated in the parable of the wheat and tares. (scroll down and pick up with audio part 2.)

Blog Reading Audio with Commentary. Part 2. Listen to the audio as you read along with the blog.

 While listening to a lesson, I learned that the tares stand up proudly because their wheat or their fruit is empty. They are fruitless and therefore they can stand up and blow in the wind proudly. However, true wheat has lots of fruit it is heavy, and it must bend over because of the weight of this fruit.  Meaning the fruit is humbled by the gifting and flow it has received from above from RABA YAH, HAYA ALA! The humble bend over or bow down and bless YHWH, therefore, receiving an increase from YHWH.  Proud people put the humbled down. The humble that is called poor and weak, bend down to YHWH because we know YHWH is the true creator and he is the most powerful being ever. The tares look like they know him, but they do not therefore the parable of the wheat and tares that YAHOSHAWA3 shared with us goes so much deeper than the surface.   

The same thing with our words it appears to be harmless but when we go deeper we see the real meaning of the surface words that are meant to condition us to think a certain way. So you do not have to be in special forces to implement mind control and mental conditioning on people. Therefore, what we say is important because we can harm someone mentally, emotionally, and spiritually by how we speak to them.  Emotional abuse is often referred to as worse than physical abuse the scars are so deep and often, we do not know they are there.

As the people of YHWH, we are seeking to be increased by YHWH and that comes when we get to know our true creator YHWH, and this is by not just reading surface words or listening to surface songs that were taught doing “worship”. But once we come out of the contamination of idol worship, we can begin to see the scrips because now we are walking towards obedience, HAYA ALA!  We can now embrace the truth of YARAH, and YHWH brings us back it is not his desire that we should perish.

What choices are you making when you speak to others? (Part 2 Audio ends here so you scroll down and we will pick up with part 3.)

Blog Reading Audio with Commentary. Part 3. Listen to the audio as you read along with the blog.

How are you speaking life (the truth of YAHOSHAWA) or death (the way of the world or the GAWAYA) to you or others?

Acknowledging the truth of YARAH5 will begin to remove the frontlets (covers Exodus 13:16) on your eyes or blinders. We need to put back on the scrips, put them in our vision and wear them as glasses or a covering.  The meaning of frontlets is to put them in our vision. It does not mean a dot, symbol, or piece of jewelry worn on the forehead because it means to put them in our vision to put them in front of us to see our scrips so we can commit them to memory to heart.  The daily study (meditation) of scrips will change us and wash us into a new being.  We are being perfected daily if you allow this to happen as transformation is by choice you will change.  We hope we will be able to walk into our RABA YHWH’s house because of the connection through the sacrifice of the RAMA YAH'HASHAWA we are reconnected.  YAH' HASHAWA an innocent ram slain for our sins, yet we can come into the Kingdom, please forgive me of my sins ABA! praise YAH (HAYA ALA!).

I do not think people know or care about the pressure they put on others to conform to their ways.  Now is the time to break our minds free to break our SHAMA (spirit) free!  We can start breaking free by not watering down the meanings of the words of the scrips or the words used in English or any language.  The meaning of the word is important to either building you spiritually or leading back into sin.  We tend to see a script but because we do not comprehend how to compare scrips or to define the word meanings, we go with the word those translations give us.  

Word etymology offends many because it means they must give up sins or it reveals their sins. Offence is the defense of sin.  The OBARAYAM language is pictorial or pictorial as in visual because we need to see what YHWH is saying is functional by placing a visualization for full comprehension in our minds.  Either we can harden our hearts because the heart is our SHAMA (spirit) and reject what the mind sees.  Therefore, you can see the truth but listening to someone or something speak to outside ways known as sinful causing a sick heart by you completely ignoring4 what you see. Ignorance is not a lack of knowledge but the state of ignoring. You see the truth and you do not care. (Audio Part 3 ends. Scroll down to pick up with audio part 4.) 

Have you ever sensed or known something was sinful but allowed someone else's so-called "doubt" to sway you from standing in the word of YAH?

Blog Reading Audio with Commentary. Part 4. Listen to the audio as you read along with the blog.

I have and in the end, when this person turns on you and you jeopardized your spiritual life you feel stupid and hopeless to make it into the Kingdom of YAH.  How can I make it when I chose?  If you are not prideful you will ask this question.  I learned that following people as in taking their word that something was not sin, when I can feel and eventually confirm in the scrips that it is sin, I am choosing them over RABA YHWH.  I am bringing a competing doctrine (teaching or beliefs) that goes against YARAH. I am worshiping something I consider to be my Shepherd or what we know today as a “God”  when I take another's teaching (doctrine) over the teaching of YAHASHAWA. 

If you are still breathing, we have an opportunity to repent out of the heart and completely change.  You will receive this temptation repeatedly so say no and stand firm.  Each time the demons return to make sure you are still filled with the RAWACHA (spirit) of YARAH you need to be prayed up, but you need to be obedient and that is the only way to keep those demonic spirits out.

False teachings regarding "dating" lead me into sin.  Because of this false teaching I was afraid I would miss out on “the one”.  You know that lie that we can miss out on the so-called “love of our life.”  Interestingly, we must turn this around because sin makes us miss “the one, the mark.”  YAH'HASHAWA RAWACHA leaves when we keep sinning on purpose.  The one as far as earthly marriage is real and we are made for each other. We are made to hold each other to YARAH and to walk in service to deliver YARAH to others. Someone that is submitted to YHWH will not lead you to sin because they will be walking with YAH' HASHAWA as well.  Here is where actions speak louder than words.  Because snake talk speaks with a double heart, and mind, also called a double tongue. (Commentary) (Audio 4 ends here. Scroll down for audio part 5.)

Blog Reading Audio with Commentary. Part 5. Listen to the audio as you read along with the blog.

The spiritual armor of YHWH helps when people purposely try to pour their venomous spirits into us.  We are a vessel that receives from YHWH and tells us to guard our hearts and mind because others can pour in things as well.  Have you ever had conversations where the person was upset and because you were calm, they said things that eventually got you upset?  The transference of their demonic spirit is what happened.  When we are guarded with scrips it means we whole-hearted believe that scrip makes our minds stronger and in turn, people cannot inspire us with what is going on with them.  We have the power to cast out the demonic spirits as in the self elf and in others, but they must let go of those spirits.  There are strongholds but when we hold on to sin, we hold on to those RAWAQ (Ruach).  

Understanding the action associated with a word is important to spiritual freedom because “actions speak louder than words." A image says a 1000 words.” So that would mean "a thousand words can paint an image."  Have you ever heard of those phrases?  I can tell you from experience they are true.  Many people use psychology and play on the lack of knowledge and acknowledge of biblical scrips to control people.  We can talk our hearts into spiritual agreements because of the trickery of words by the people of the world.  The children of CHATHAM-A (the word for sin) will hold us to the agreement, but they believe it does not apply to them.  We get held to the deceptive agreement because we are the children of YHWH, and they know we must keep our words.  Speak with wisdom and in all your getting get full comprehension.  I started looking into the wording and I am learning to take my time and seek ABA’s wisdom before I speak even when the heart wants to feel sorry for someone.

Looking at a person’s actions and comparing their words will help you get out of their traps.  That is why we are harmless as doves although we are wise as those snakes.  We do not do what they do once they get angry, and we do not defraud people.  We must know what and comprehend what we speak and what others are speaking otherwise people will attempt to twist the living waters of the SHAMA of YARAH as well by saying you defrauded them although they used trickery.  Now I can say, “no you tried to set me up and I have operated accordingly to YARAH so you can not bind me.”  Calling them out on their wickedness will cast out the stronghold they are attempting to place on you. (Commentary). (Audio part 5 ends here. Scroll down for audio part 6.)

Blog Reading Audio with Commentary. Part 6. Listen to the audio as you read along with the blog.


Many people will attempt to challenge you because they have a hard time because they view your refusal to participate in sin as rejection. So, you will still have to stand firm and know the word of YHWH is true.  Standing up to the people of the world should not scare us and this is the reason YHWH says to fear him only.  If I am afraid, that a person or system can take away things from me or can make me willing to give away my increase, talents, and gifts.  When we act in sin that gives outside things the legal right to destroy us.  When I stand firm and I know I will lose more if I am disobedient to YARAH than I fear YHWH and anything they attempt to do will fail anyway.  If they do take something I know I did not need it, or YHWH has something better for me.   

Knowing that if outside things can take something away there are one of two things happening and I can fix both.  One reason is sin, and I need to repent and ensure I do not continue in sin.  The second reason is that it is/was not for me anyway.  No one can close a door that YHWH has opened, and no one can take the provision that YHWH has given me.  I can give it away, but they cannot take it from me when I am obedient, therefore I must stop giving away my increase, talents, and gifts to other so-called powers and I pray the same for you, too. (Commentary see the picture below.)  

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