Getting Our House In ARDAR Genesis Chapter 1 Verse 5

Looking at Genesis Chapter 1 verse 5 we can see so much detail about the foundations and the LAWA set into place from the beginning.

For education purposes only.

Genesis 1:5 KJV

And ALOHAYAM called the light day, and the darkness he called Night.  And the evening and the morning were the first days.

I would like to give the simplified version first.  Next, we will look at some of the unfolded versions.

Now we can work on translating the folded message.  Yes, going through our scrips is the same as decoding because what we have today is meant to deceive and control.  

Within the OBARAYAM we see ALAHAYAM THE CREATOR of life, is creating the inflow of his power into this realm.  We see QAWARA showings the head of light and order is giving us the light of the heart the LABA.  The gathering of the heads and disbursing of the heads.  We also see this as a man receives the light.  As the sun on the horizon is entering the mind (LABA) of man.RASHANA tells us from the beginning.  The head also represents the top or first.  The SHANA represents foundations, bounding, binding, pressing, setting, or sitting.  AWARA- ARA as in the light and order was set and joined.  We see this through the WAW in the middle of the ALAMA and the RASHANA.  The power of our strong power and leader the create vine (tree) of life (OAKA) is set with the order of the foundations.

YAWAMA is the inflowing spirit of the working light.  Your word is a lamp unto my feet.  Here we see the light of the lamp to get us back to ABA YHWH is set.  The MATSHAWA which we also know as the LAWA enters the beginning.  On the first day.  The light is the ARATHA (lightning), so we know it is not the sun or the moon.  YHWH created the sun (CHAMAHA) and the moon (YARACHA) on the 4th day.  We are in “day” one.  For chapter 1 Verses 1-5 KJV.

CHASHARA is three words and more unfolded.  We will look at the three primaries.  CHASAHA CHARA SHARA.  CHASHA is something that is bound or binding.  CHARA – the man outside, burns as the heat burns the person in the heat of the day.  The heat outside of shade as in outside of protection.  SHARA – binding to the first, the head.     

QWARA- called and the order was set in the beginning.  The calling from the beginning.  QAWAPASHA – gathering the increase of the fruit and binding or tying together or as in bundle.

LAWALA- this is what is called the “law” However this is a connecting staircase joining us to the spiritual to SHAMAYAMA (heaven).  The instructions as in the pathway of life to the door hung on the rod of salvation.  Yes, we need to follow the MATSHAWAH to remain in salvation.  Otherwise, there is no more salvation for you.  Salvation is given to us without a price and without our work.  But we must walk as in do the path that is provided to us.  Do not allow the death trap lie that they are no longer under the law to keep you in death and destruction.

ORA- means waste with one eye and this is twisted for ARA which means light.  ORA is prideful inner knowing so the so-called “spiritual” witches will tell you they are light seekers, and they can see your ORA.  Stay away from them.  The light we project is KABA the house of the anointed and we reflect the white light of heaven ARA the great order.  We walk in the LAWA that is the RAWACHA of ABA YHWH.  If we unfold this with two eyes, we will get OYANAORA, and it is full sight and fulling knowing of the head of the house.  The setting of the house of the head.  The setting of the heads. RABA is an increase of the heads.  The inner knowing brings increase and overflow of the spirit of YARAH.  Also, it shows the house set for man.  Seeing the house of the head.  Hence getting our houses in order means returning to the original

pathway.  HWH is one that sees and follows the head.  Here is where we see HAMASHA and that those that he created the LAWA for are his people.  His people see HAMASHA in all things and situations.  We seek him in people, and this is how discernment works for we can determine ABA YHWH from evil.

ACHADA is one of the greatest pathways laid in to take us to the door.  There is but one door and we must enter through YARAH.  We must live with more than good thoughts we must do.  YAHAMA wraps this up that the greatest laid foundations were on day one with the inflowing of the YARAH the LAWA the MATSHAWAH.  We see our salvation is set from the beginning.  

Start from the beginning verse Chapter 1 Verse 1 Genesis (GANAWASHANA)

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