The Power of the Mind The Mind Freak

Part 1

Is psychology the study of the mind, or is it?  I am hoping to help you understand how the mind is the spirit. LABA is heart, mind, the spirit in OBYRYM (original Hebrew) and it is the acronym for LAMA BAYATAW ALA. We have also seen this word as LAB and we will dive more into the meanings and messages in these words.  The mind is the spiritual control center, and the spiritual realm impacts everything and everyone, including “non-believers” or “ atheists.”  I will cover how we can overcome the war that we are fighting today between the physical and the spirit (mind and heart), or is it good and evil?  

Let’s reason together. Where did psychology originate? 


In the past, people would go to people called “counselors” within YASH'RAAL because this is spiritual gifting given by YAH.  YAH's counselors have the gift of exhortation, and we redirect you back to the YARAH. We were called messengers, shepherds, prophets, leaders, teachers, and ADANAYA's. We help you lead your life with the Set-Apart Spirit of YAH, the power above all.

Still, today people go to high-priced psychiatrists and they delegate work out to a therapist. The therapist is the one that suggests what they believe is wrong with people and then gives a diagnosis but not based on scripts or the testimony of HA MASHA.  Did you realize your therapist is also trained in the spiritual? Yes, psychologists and therapists are trained in “new age” beliefs and practices. Depending on what your therapist believes can impact the spirits they impart during your sessions.  Based on your therapist's recommendations, your psychiatrist will recommend prescriptions.  

Pharmacy usually makes things worst, and prescriptions have demonic names. Prescriptions are not made for the people of YAH.  Perhaps you will begin to recognize a snowball.  The therapist will implant learned theories into your thoughts to make you think something is wrong with you. The truth is you have spirits around you and in you because of sin.   Mental trouble has increased as people are learning to manage sin instead of turning from sin.  YAH says to keep our mind stayed on him because it protects us, changes us, cleanses us, and keeps us out of evil. In the scriptures, a person having a mental breakdown or what is called a psychotic episode had unclean spirits or in other words, possessed.  Do you really believe all the movies are just made up?  Of course not, the movies that do not specify based on a true story are still based on a true story and most of them are based on scripts, twisted scripts but scripts. Unclean spirits are among us more importantly YAH’s children that carry his Set-Apart Spirit are among us as well.  

I am thankful that I am one of YAH’s children that is blessed with his Set-Apart Spirit.  I am not one by my power or actions for I cannot boast.  I have been chosen and therefore blessed by the salvation of YAH. I must fight to keep my mind stayed in the YARAH. The more I learn the more YAH heals me the more I can hold. I have watched people grab a little and lose it just as the parable of the sower tells us. Our minds are the ground and inside the ground are our spiritual seats of knowing. OAYANA is our inner fountains. What is in your heart center?

Your first assignment is to look up sin in the scripts.  What is sin?  What have you been told about sin or is it even mentioned to you?

While you think and pray over that one let us talk about mind control.  You know it is thrown around loosely and there are many movies that reflect mind control.

Do you prefer to skip over this subject?  Most likely because it’s hard to believe that everyone has been brainwashed.  You believe only the weak-minded are manipulated but that’s not true.  You are not weak-minded if you are taught the wrong things. Brainwashing is the term that is used but it is what we are taught.   YAH mentions many times that we need to be washed clean renewed, washed clean in the word, in the blood of the lamb.  We are also told the word is YAH. In the beginning, there was the word, and the word is YAH.” The world’s version, that is completely opposite, is brainwashing or washing in the teachings of the fallen "angels" or the ones they call “the fallen ones.” 

"The fallen ones taught man and woman how to sacrifice to demons as gods, they taught them charms, enchantments, cutting of roots, and made them acquainted with plants, they sinned against birds, beasts, and reptiles, fish and began to eat each other and drink blood. They taught the eternal secrets of heaven that were not to be taught to man.”– The Book of Enoch.

I look around the world because the practices to transgress the law of YAH are taught and will continue to be taught from generation to generation.  When YAH's Salvation speaks of being washed he means to clean ourselves of the transgressions and abominations that we have been taught by the fallen ones.  We have utterly transgressed the law of YAH.  YAH is calling for his people or his nation to turn back to him.  Psychology is a physic (sike) for your mind.  You see YAH is taken out of everything and the focus becomes more on what “nature” does as if nature is an entity in and of itself not created by The Highest.  But when we turn to the scripts, we are told we are brainwashed when we choose to follow the truth.  Interesting because that’s the mind freak.  If evil can turn us against the word it keeps us in transgression, it keeps us in sin, and therefore gives them a foot hole or a doorway to torment us.  

Ephesians 6: We fight not against flesh and blood but against darkness and principalities although this will come in human form as well.

Time to TSA-DA? Examine.

  • What things are used to deceive us in this world?
  • What makes us conform to this world instead of making us like the YARAH?
  • What about words? Why does the English language have so many homophones and similar-sounding words in the "English" language? Is it really just communication or training in mind games?
  • How do certain words impact our minds or what we think?
  • Why is the meaning of a word important?
  • Why is it so easy for the meaning of the word to change or does it really?
  • What is etymology?
  • Why is this important to know?
  • Why is symbolism important?
  • Why is symbolism more than a message someone wants to say without saying?

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