The Revealing of Truth Part 2

Real date: 2/6/2022

Genesis 1:1 KJV - the truth

The first light and order to enter the ARATSA (earth) were the so-called "laws" and the so-called "commandments." However, as we know those words are not our MALA (flowing messages or what we know as words). LAWA means a flowing connection of authority that enters the ARATSA (earth) and divides the wickedness of rotten SHAMA's RA-A (ROWAKA-A spirits outside of YAH). There are animals and things that can see in the dark but we have to have special night vision. ABA gave us his RAWACHA to lead us back to HIM. He is the path and the salvation! HAYA ALA! We know YAH RAWACHA as the MASHA the garment, as the CHAWA the declaration, as the RAM (the spirit of the first of the highest head and working waters and the blood)!

Let's begin unfolding more about the true creation no stories. Before you begin review part 1 first.

Next Getting our Houses in ARDAR (Order) Genesis 1:2 is part 3 of The revealing of the truth series.

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