Genesis Chapter 1 Translation in the OBARAYAM
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Translation from the OBARAYAM was deeply rooted and opened my eyes and ears to hear ABA RASHATAWA YHWH voice even louder.  We see the teaching and hear the teaching through HAYA RAMA.  And we see there is so much more to the text than we are shown on the surface.  The surface scrip also shows us by painting the picture of what is happening on the ARATHA and the ARAZATSA at the same time.  Although the surface text days and events are out of order.  Indicative of the tools of war against RASHATAWA. 

Our thoughts determine how and who we stand with.  Our thoughts are more than just meaningless imagination or story tales.  Our thoughts have the power to bring action and create.  We create whether it is beneficial or destructive.  Our thoughts bring things that are given to us from the inner unseen realm to this one.  Our thoughts are what roots us in a way of living.  So, what we think about is more powerful than we know.  Not just mere sayings but truth in a power we don’t realize is given to us through the ability to make choices.

Making choices are a gift from RASHATAWA YHWH.  We are allowed to choose.  But those of us that know there is only one that has the power to change the SHAMA and the natural know that we are weak in this area.  Hence the reason we look to RASHATAW YHWH to give us the strength to walk in his way.  I know most of us have heard that “knowledge is power” power as in strength.  I know people think that saying means money riches. And yes it can equate to that on the surface level.  Taking a deeper look, you find that those that make this statement know there is a greater power and greater riches. 1 Kings 4:29-30.

So evidence we not only look beneath or behind what is presented to us we also need to accept the truth once RASHATAW confirms his truth.  Ignoring truth just so you can blend in will get you excused from the path of the living, the path of forgiveness.

Commentary and closing.

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