Getting Our House In ARDAR Genesis Chapter 1 Verse 4

Genesis 1-4 is amazingly sent from ABA YAH from ABA OBALA, the inner knowing of the house of our flowing power ALA YAH.

We have many creation stories as lies to completely disconnect the people of YHWH from ABA YAH from our heritage.  The disconnection was allowed because of our CHATHA-A sins.  Since the children of the kicked-out ones know they have not OPA PANADA (offended) because we sinned against ABA YHWH they have the authority to destroy and they love it to work this towards their selfish deeds.

Why is there wickedness in the world? Why would a loving "god" create evil?

Our ALA created good but he gave us the opportunity to choose. Since ABA knew, because he is all-knowing, everyone would not choose His way he created weapons for the wicked. The kicked-out ones are weapons for the wicked.  That is right those demonic spirits were created as weapons to destroy the wicked.  How wonderful is ABA YAH to direct us out of the path of the wicked.  Hence we are made bold as in to know the weapons of warfare.  We are at war with the wickedness because those weapons have decided and plotted to come against us out of their jealousy.  They did not have to be destroyed as well.  So you see everybody has a choice to make including the animals- see foods clean and unclean- Leviticus.  They are not all innocent bystanders like people want to think.

Let's get started with how ABA YHWH has planned and created the pathway of salvation from the beginning of the foundations….

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