Getting Our Houses In ARDAR Order Genesis 1:2

Real Date: 3/8/2022

Unfolding of Genesis Chapter 1 Verse 2.

Spring and Fall bring on the internal prompting to organize and revamp.  Growing up, once I reached my teen years, I liked to change my room around although I did not know why.  Today, I understand that I was seeking the best functional use of my room but at the time I did not have an organized mind. I wanted to be organized but I did not know how and sadly there was no one willing to teach me.  Perhaps because they did not know how to be functional either.  They did not know what functioning order looked like and so they would learn a little to feel superior to others, but they had no real fruit.  They felt comfortable calling someone else disorganized, but they did not have order either but were able to hide their disorder in closets long enough to make someone else feel as if they were unteachable. I once heard, although as a put-down, it was true that a cluttered desk indicates a cluttered mind.  I can say it applies to some things but not all things.  

I could not get a handle on my workflow at the time.  Part of the problem was I was afraid I would mess up, so I was afraid to put things away.  Although I knew I studied hard and was focused I was always fearful that it was not enough or that I would miss or forget something.  Even in college I studied and worked hard but I took on too much by following the world.  The world loves to “look busy” and I took on all that was recommended, “the shoulds”.   but functional means to produce something fruitful.  We do not produce dead fruit.  Do we see it to the end?  We are pushed into the world’s principles of overdoing things, and we have multiple unfinished fires burning.  Why?  Because the double-minded, my truthers and many roads, are unsure of themselves, and it is part of creating the double-minded person.  Also, people that discriminate against the people of YAH know that one day what they did to us will come back to them.  A third reason is that it keeps us distracted from learning YARAH so we will not walk in and receive the power from the YAMAYAM of the SHAMA of our ABA YAH to overcome their strongholds and to bring restoration, return to YARAH (REST-RASHATA) instructions, and renewal back to the people of YAH.

I went through phases in my life of throwing things out or making purchases that seem helpful.  I also noticed as soon as I would streamline, I would get something from someone tricking me into a sale.  Such as I did not need a new desk, but someone said I am cleaning things out, so I bought the desk. Thinking it was a gift but no she then said what about $40 dollars.  I went with it because it was not a bad price but still something unplanned and she was dishonest.  I did end up using it, however, so I was not so upset.  The point is if we do not watch out every time, we clean something out, I am speaking of sins, the demonic spirits will bring it back.  A total transformation of heart and spirit means we put YAH first and we walk in the SHAMA (spirit) of YAH.  We do not act according to the fool by following our deceptive hearts.  Once you begin to automatically operate through applying YARAH to every aspect of your life you will see it confirms what YAH has written on our hearts. Sadly, I see people reject this every day and they glorify in the selfish and foolish practices they have learned from the world.  

Many people will argue about things they know is contrary to the scrips, but they want to believe the lies that we can worship anything other than YAH.  The wavering spirit will perish with the wicked because they have chosen to go their own way.  Since people think they know better than YAH many have read the pathway of the scrips, yet they do not believe we are to put it into actual practice.  I can tell you from personal testimony getting a house (in the natural but also our mindsets as in the LABA) in order is essential to being successful in all we do.  Why?  

Because home is where the heart is, or our root system and we need to return to our roots in YAH.  Now I know the reason people at work always wanted to know about my home life.  They like so-called “ice breakers” or “get to know you” games.  Also, certain people are looking for the dirt on us and to see if they can use us in their schemes.

Have you ever attempted to step out and align your life with YARAH first?  If so, what happened?

YAH’s salvation HA MASHA is our connection back to his house. If we do not connect back to YAH through YARAH, we will not see our hearts (LABA), and the work of our hands increases. We will also see the loss of sound minds (wisdom of YARAH) and a hardening of hearts (hardheads), we can see this sad situation of unstable hearts every day.  I can go back as early as childhood and give you accounts of YAH giving people over to their sins.  I also lived this in my own life, and I can only be thankful to be free just as we are told in Deuteronomy 6.

  1. Do you know everything not rooted in YARAH will be cut down?
  2. Do you see the world operates on standards they call laws of the universe that man based on the world spirit teachings of the Demons through people that serve them?  
  3. Do you see the world teachings are many doctrines/teachings/leading (thought leaders, speakers, gurus, etc.) with the cover-up that there are things in religion and things outside of religion?
  4. Do you see religion as not walking in the spirit of YAH?  Walking in the spirit of YAH is knowing and living the scrips and religion is based on twisted teaching or the lack of teaching the scrips.  

Isaiah 10:33 KJV

Behold, YHWH, the ADANAYA of Hosts, shall lop the bough with terror: and the high ones of stature shall be hewn down, and the haughty shall be humbled.

Do you understand people are walking in strange/foreign spirits?

Why do you think the servants could not determine the difference between the wheat and the tears at harvest time?

Isaiah 5:15 KJV

So, mankind will be brought low, and each man humbled; the arrogant will lower their eyes.

We will TSADA dc (Examine) Genesis 1:2 getting our houses in order is ARDAR  

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