Day 4 Genesis 1 verses 14 to 19
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The Creator and setter of life sets the WALAWATAW to YARAH.  Establishes the way back for us to return to YARAH.   HARAMA YAH’HASHAWA leading and teaching providing the way of work and working power.  Leading and teaching this way of working.  The power of the SHAMAYAMA from above brings the blood reconnecting the heart of the SHAMAYANA people to the living agreement of RASHATAW.  Directing our hearts back destroying sin and creating new hearts (minds) as in the ability and strength to hold to YARAH happily. ( My thoughts consider those who say they can’t live the way of YARAH.  Those people do not have a new heart.  The heart consists of the heart, mind and they are SHAMA. ) Commentary.

RAHAMASHAMA is the word and the sacrifice.  The one that gave his life that we can live.  His reward is SHAMATAYAMA living fully submitted to RASHATAW YHWH.  We repent and receive the works of YARAH and begin to live on the road of forgiveness.  We will live this way and teach others including our children and everyone within our household.  We continue this way of living daily set into place producing and being fruitful with living works and thinking.  (Keep it honest we do what we think about so thinking produces actions.  If we are only thinking so called “good” thoughts, here is my question, what are good thoughts if it is not the word of RASHATAWA YHWH?.

We become the living seeds as in sprouts raised up in this teaching, leading to the agreement that we accepted in the SHAMAYAMA before we were born.  We follow the working of THE Greatest Light RASHATAWAH’s YHWH’s RAMA YAH’HASHAWAH.  Highly holding to and joining others to YHWH’s leading of the way.  Rooting and nourishing their hearts this way and creating a mighty SHAMAYAMA of the living people from the beginning.  Shinning greatly to how to live YARAH.

We identify the Greatest Leader as he carries the greatest lamp post and gives the covering the firmament as in holds up the standards of RASHATAWA the YARAH in the greatest way and covering.  HARAMA is the one greatly submitted to RASHATAWA and gave his blood that we would be made new and reborn.  So, we see the rising and joining of the agreement from RASHATAW at the gates of entrance.  We are the ones outside home lost seeking to be reborn and refilled.  Without the MAYAMA of the SHAMA we are void and empty the walking dead because we do not have the living SHAMA the breath of life.  Cold hearted is another description.

Those truly seeking the agreement will be fully changed standing out as weird or even said to be crazy.  But we will be filled and are filled with deep roots and a firm holding that fills, covers, and protects us and those also of the way of RASHATAWA YHWH keeping and making clean. 

We are raised and radiating light once we are transformed as the lights in the sky.  The lights in the sky are named KABALA’s or KABAHAMA’s.  We cover each other of the SHAMAYAM under the leadership of the firmament the leader YAH’HASHAWA.  We do not lead of our own shining as in teachings and ways.  But we reflect the light created within us by RASHATAW YHWH and rejoined through his HARAMA YAH’HASHAWA.  Not by our power and might or even gifting.  But through him we receive power, might, and gifting to shine the light of YARAH.

The lights of the power of the heart of YARAH radiates through the actions.  Actions bring light to the living heart of the people of the SHAMANA.  Has the power to produce living works and food that gives strength and power transforming through the fire with others of the SHAMAYAMA and desiring to be brought into the SHAMANA (family).  People that will fight against living or fake living YARAH will separate.  But those that strongly agree with KANA and will hold to living YARAH even during difficulty will be filled with strength to hold on to living YARAH. 

The Peace HARAMA speaks of is the KANA (commentary) even when times are hard.  Thinking everything will run smoothly on the outside is lying teaching. We are here to clean up and rebuild the outside so things will come up that are challenging and difficult.  But where are you through dealing with those times?   Can you hold up and hold to YARAH and keep others holding too without lashing out or even filling angry or prideful inside?

Can you embrace feelings that hurt without becoming bitter?  Can you embrace feelings that hurt without raising a pride flag of anger and revenge?  Do you know everything is not all about you? (Commentary).

One that walks through YARAH during the times of this world carriers roots inside deeply rooted crosses over greatly in between the SHAMAYAMA and the natural realms increasing in sight, knowing and strength that grows below and reflects the greater light of the HARAMA.  Because we live deeply rooted in the SHANAMAYAMA YARAH of RASHATAW YHWH. (Commentary).

We live separate lives in the things that we do.  Not because we shut people out but people that think that how we live according to YARAH infringes on their truth.  We can all see that we tend to gather towards people that think and live the same way that we do.  The truth is people period don’t mix well with people of different ways of thinking outside of their own thinking.  People will claim that they have no problem being inclusive of people that think differently but they only mean they can only spend a certain amount of time with that person.  When it comes to spending a lot of time with people the truth is you want someone that lives like you so that that person will not cause you to stray or change according to their ways. 

So as a daughter of YHWH living YARAH we are the same.  We put YARAH first and we need to stand and keep living according to those instructions.  No bending things to attempt to make other things fit in because they will not fit.  Hence when we fail to change other people get offended and they walk away.  So reverse psychology has taught us that we are the ones that are harshly separating from people.  According to YARAH we are not to let you in to close, before we can see you have a heart for YARAH, anyway so that we can protect keeping YARAH.  So, we would need to separate eventually so we both can have peace.  My peace is in living YARAH.  So why would I keep someone around that wants to destroy my peace. 

Does that make me a my truther?  No because everyone knows YARAH is the truth of YHWH and so I am living the truth not my truth.  So, whether people want to admit the truth or not anything outside living YARAH is a “my truther.”  We don’t mix.  So that goes back to being kind yes but I will not support your sins.  Love means I don’t want to see you destroy you so if you refuse to stop sinning and refuse to fully submit to YARAH then I won’t help nor watch you stay in that situation and I will move on. (commentary).  

And if we are real we harshly separate harmful people.  Why would you continue to let someone in that is dangerous.  Thereby I make the choice to be truthful about who people are and what they want to do and I know I don’t have to be a part of that.  I also know I don’t have to allow someone to force me to conform to their ways either.    

(Commentary)The KABALAs or KABAMAHAMAs are set in the sky and the way of leading is assigned by the Great Light.  The Great Teacher is teaching.  Man is pressed through physically to the ARATHA – earth.

 Ending of Day Four

Next, Day 5 Genesis Chapter 1 continues.

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