Feelings Emotions and Offense
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Feelings Emotions and Offense

We need feelings.  The shutdown of feelings is a shutdown of sensing.  So, the prompt to “get out of your feelings” needs examination.  We begin with separating feelings, offense, and emotions.  Wait why?  What does offense have to do with emotions.  And are emotions the same as feelings?

Ganasha 7:4 The light to raise up to the Mayama of works.  That brings in those who desire to live what is felt inside (sensed.) (unfolded from behind Genesis 7:4).

When working with those that HA ABA has placed back on the road of forgiveness we let them learn to sense the promptings of HA ABA.  Correcting them and pushing out their sins.  We don’t come abruptly towards offense.  We need to push out offense. As in the rejection of sin through repentance.  People don’t do that if they feel "judged."  We don’t “judge.”  

Judge is a Greek created word.  And if we use the word judge we are not referring to what we do as people.  There is only one judge and that is The Most High.  Consider what a judge does.  Since we are referred to as defenders we are not judges. 

As a SHAMAYAMA defender sent by the judge. We are working with those that we are assigned to help to clean up their lives before judgement day.  Yet another deadly lie is that there is no judgement day.  We all must answer one day for our choices.

Looking at the words.

Offense the defense of sin

Emotions driven by energies.

Feelings are shama sensing that increases with deliverance and rebirth.

Part 2 of the audio blog reading. Listen after watching the video.

Now that we see the breakdown of emotions versus feelings and that offense is the defense of sin we see once we begin to walk in forgiveness we are getting rid of emotions.  We have and are being delivered from outside workings, ways, thoughts, all lead by unseen spirits. 

Should we be on an emotional roller coaster?  Is it “normal” to be up and down?  Feeling happy one day and sad the next?  Then I question what is normal?  Perhaps not being normal is not a bad thing.  Although there are sad times I hold strongly to what The Creator has done and is doing.  I refuse to let the hard times change my view of my Creator.

What I have noticed is the back and forth of the “motivational” speakers.  The thought that we can be happy by thinking and imagining that we are already there.  Then saying be realistic.  They earn money and positions by selling false motivation and confusion.  While sprinkling in some truth, so they can say I told you the truth.  Look also at the fact that we are told to be happy.  But if you are they say you are giving up or have poverty thinking.  Never mind that if you are happy where you are now this does not mean you are not still working to move forward.  The Creator designed us to grow. 

Untruths of course.  Being happy wherever you are doesn’t mean you don’t have future goals.  In fact, learning to find good and happiness in each moment makes the waiting seasons more tolerable.  I am not stressing out about not being in the future time yet.  I know that time is coming.  So, what can I do to cultivate me?  I want to stay strong in YARA as The Creator prepares me. 

Receiving dreams and visions of The Creator does not mean we are ready instantly.  There will always be seasons of cultivation (preparation) and setting of foundations so that we do not fall or crash once we reach that new goal.  And we can and need to be happy along the way.  Joy that HAMSAHA speaks of is not delusional thought.  But the purest image of a set foundation.  A solid base keeps us protected but also stable inside.

We need to learn the right way to stay motivated.  Contentment doesn’t mean a lack of goals or strength for more.  Contentment is what we need to grow into our goals.  And we are a people that are supposed to grow.

There is a misconception that we only reach goals through being spontaneous, have money, and who we know.

“The truth is we grow into planned goals and make connections along the way.  Because we will meet those who are truly being lead the same way. And money comes after we walk in obedience to YARA thereby obedience to The Creator.” - Yashakaya Yashar Yasha'raal.

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