Day 3 Genesis 1 verses 11 to 13
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Day three begins with the teaching and leading of the RAWACHA LAMADA YAH'HASHAWA.  Day two was the creation of the people in the SHAMAYAMA. Living life.  The assignment of the people of YHWH the man and woman are to lead the work.  The SHAMANA (people of YHWH) to watch over the way of RASHATAW.  Living in SHANA (YARAH continually) and setting others back to this way securing and supporting.  The way of our leader, harvesting, planting, and teaching.  Keep the way and feed with YARAH and physically. 

We will give full sight and hearing to those seeking to know the way of RASHATAW.  I wanted to point out this instruction as so much teaching is abbreviated to mentally condition people that we can’t learn more than what is giving to us through religion. That we can’t carry and build what we learn from YHWH.  A mental blocker to keep us from knowing when we walk in and live YARAH that we receive the power to receive, see and hear, so we will comprehend what we need to know.  Deeper and higher things of the wisdom of RASHATAW. 

We will provide clean teaching.  Pressing in the way of the SHAMAYAMA and pressing out strange things.  We will also provide clean food.  Foods for healing and strengthening.  Hence the reason we are to get better as we age not worse.  Providing “heart healthy power and health.”  Creating stability and fullness of heart and body.  The leader of the YARAH the hearts agreement heals those submitted to following the way of HARAMA YAH’HASHAWA.  Pressing out and crushing sin so that it may not return.  ASHAA animal provision.  ARAY provision of the SHARMARA (man of SHAMA YARA MAYAMA). 

Continues the living of the life provided.  We know and separate a tool from weapons.  Receive the provision and are instructed to multiply this provision.  We will make clear the way of RASHATAW.  The providers are the watchers the ZARAOYAONA.  Transformed and then transforms insides by carrying and giving of seed.  ZARAWA form and appearance of the plants.  We are the carriers of the staff reflections of our Leader YAH’HASHAWA and servant HARAMA of RASHATAWA.  Carries, gives, teaches, fruitful, and provides.  Holding to the agreement and presses in the YAKANA and KAPANA food, replanting and raising up.

Feed the heart of those of the way for SHANAMA, the sick – sinners, and the SHAMAYAMAYAKA slain.  The wisdom of RASHATAW through the teaching and leading of HAYA ADAMA.  Given to ADAMA and CHAWAH to be Shepherd and the Farmer.  Cleaning, prepping, planting, harvesting, and bringing into service – feeding. 

Set the captives free by returning the lost back to the way through rejoining those of the house of RASHATAWA through the teachings of HAMASHAH.  Unlocks the way of the light to return continually.  Continually press in the clean and press out unclean continually lifting up full sight to see and hold to HAMASHA LAMADA.  Growing and teaching provision draws out those who fell.  Growing, planting, working, reaping, overflowing of works. 

Day 3 ends.    


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