Day 5 Genesis 1 verses 20 to 23
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One thing I have noticed when reading through GANASHAYAHSHA with the new eyes of RASHATAWA giving sight through HARAMA YAH’HASHAWA the days do not align with what we are told the days are on the surface script.

The way of life is revealed on day four and the people accept this agreement and we are sent to the ARATSA.  The protection and promises of living this way is set.  Also, the teaching of living outside of the way is spoken.  So, the process is set and put into place for the SHAMANA (family people of YHWH) to carry out this leading of and the gift of life. So, we are created in the ARAZATSA on day two and we are pressed through to the ARATHA on day four for ADAMA and CHAWAH.  (And the others remain until we are born.)

On the Fifth day we are giving the authority and life to rule.  We Shepherd the fruitful para the animals and WALAW plants and the living in the earth waters.  The sea life is created, animals, vegetation, and we are giving the power to produce and reproduce this provision naturally and the MAYAMA.

On the fifth day we are given our provision of living from SHAMAYAMA and Naturally providing.  Hence we are the Shepherds serving RASHATAWA YHWH under HARAMA YAH’HASHAWA overseeing the ARAZATASA. 

Reading surface script you would think the animals and plants were made before us.  However, we see those things are made after we are made.  Once we accept the agreement we are sent from ADANA ARAZATSA. And then to ARATHA, here to come back (repentance true repentance) and live out the road of forgiveness.  Here is where we choose who we will serve.  Because we gave up our original seats in the house of RASHATAW we must now chose to return or live outside?

I want to return and that means I will live in the YARAH.  Everything outside of this agreement teaches us different ways of living.  Ways outside of this agreement invite torment and destruction.  To return to the agreement of YARAH I have to go through the destruction of the self-elf that is self-destruction, that is different (commentary).  I don’t want to live self-center and that is a form of torment and destruction that I want to do without and this is the meaning of the “curses or SHAMATAYAMA captivity.”  We can see what SHAMATAYAMA captivity looks like when it works out in natural wars and slavery.

Internally we can feel the same when we live doing things that do not build us up because they are out of connection with the way of RASHATAW far off the path of the teachings of YAH’HASHAWAH.  The false leader that religion knows today is leading people off to a destructive pathway.

Day five is a day the provision in the SHAMA is laid (sea life is created representing this portion) into place and we see the natural provision (animals and plants on the land) is raised up by RASHTAWA.  Living seeds to feed the living seeds in the natural realm ARATHA.  We have MAYAMA that represent multiple forms.

We will work and begin preparing for SHABATAW.  The provision that we will carry with us back as the “tithe and offering.”

And that is the end of day 5. Moving into day 6.


Day 6 Genesis Chapter 1 concludes.

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