The Truth About Tithing
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Our heritage is to certainly bring a worthy offering unto YHWH.  We bring the offering to the place that YHWH designates.  The place that has his “name.”  Read more about "name" because a name means spirit. The spirit of YHWH is the RAWACHA and it literally is the image of the head placing us on the way on YHWH's path and setting us apart. The RAWACHA places the people of YHWH on a path and that path is YARAH.  False spirits known as the “Holy Spirit” or the “RUACH” (RAWAQ) lead you away from what the world knows as “Torah” or “the law of Moses.” 

We as the people of YHWH need teaching and feeding.  Teaching is spiritual feeding and we lead through teaching.  We teach the YARAH and Torah is salvation.  CHAYA means life.  A full stomach was seen as life because when we are starving you are dying.  We make references to having a full life or a full plate.  We also say, “my cup runs over, “or “my heart is full” or my spirit (SHAMA) is full,” in psalms and multiple books of the scrips. We reference full because a full and overflowing vessel is whole and can increase others as we have increased.  YHWH increases this overflow for his people and then we give back 10% of the best.  We handle our responsibilities from there and then we share from overflow.  What do you mean share after handling responsibilities?  That sounds selfish...yea that is what mental/spiritual contamination will cause you to think.  We will address the management later.  So we handle responsibilities after the tithe. We make offerings according to overflow. 

So is the tithe spiritual or physical?

We are to feed the people.  Feeding is spiritual and natural.  The tithe is for physical feeding and spiritual because it represents what is happening spiritually.  And one who is physically starving can not focus on learning anything.  We need to keep it real.  We are not able to focus when hungry.  Also feeding those outside the church as in those who had needs to meet.  Food, clothing, housing, health, support, building, and teaching, as in skills.  There was so much to help someone build up that they could grow into being sustainable and then have an overflow to contribute to the family (people of YHWH).  Our people did not stay in a state of need because we built them up not just taking from the people. Just taking from people is labeled "sacrifice." Hence YHWH says he prefers obedience over sacrifice.

So the people did not have to tithe and then go pay for training and education.  As this was taught between home and worship places.  Home is a place of worship and is the first temples.  The home was also the place of training and education or as in the “family” or is known today as the community.  So someone helping in the family businesses or someone in their business would receive pay and training.  Often some would be trained up to start the same business in their area.  Not competition not stealing clients/customers but their gifting would work for what they are now called to do in business.     

Malachi Chapter 3:7-10 are the scrips used to cause you to bring your “tithe” to their churches or now assembles, gatherings, or whatever.

The Truth about Tithing Video 1 of 2.
The Truth about Tithing Video 2 of 2.

But when we read the entire chapter there are very important words listed there.  So let me first tell you that you have the mind to read the scrips.  You do not need someone to read them for you.  If you feel you do not see what is happening in the scrip pray for YHWH to give you comprehension.  Ordinances stand out. So, changing the word from “commandments” to “ordinances” here leads you to believe the “commandments” are not a stipulation.  Next verse 3:10 mentions “storehouse.”  Verse 3:11 speaks of food.  Actual food and the OBARAYAM also speaks of spiritual food behind this text.  So, it is physical and spiritual. 

Why Are You NOT Increased When Tithing?

We are told that when we tithe to them the heavens will open up and pour out a blessing.  So when some people have to come back for the help they are told the tithe is spiritual and they need to be more responsible with their money.  So why was this not stated in the verses when they elicited the tithe?  Also, we tithed so the increase was supposed to come whether or not you are “responsible with the money.”

Now that would mean somebody is lying.  The pastors want you to believe it is us being greedy or selfish or misunderstanding scripts.   When it is their lying teachings of the scrip.  Let us take a look.

Malachi chapter 3, YHWH says, “bring the tithes” into the storehouse.  The physical and spiritual are referred to as “meat.” Water and milk.  What is a storehouse used to store?  What does an actual house do?

Also, the point missed is that the people are not building up YHWH’s house before their "own" houses. Since churches like to call themselves "houses." Whose house is it because the mark of YHWH is not there? Remember they falsely call the LAWA the commandments or the laws of Moses and say it is void so they can continue in sin.

The desire to pay the tithe is appropriate because the people of YHWH desire to build up YHWH and honor him for what he has given to us.  We are not in error BUT this is twisted to error. Therefore “tithing” results in what is increased overflow to us for the proper obedience in the action of the LAWA.  But instead of what is increased it shows up as lack.  Lack shows up when we, the people of YHWH, walk in disobedience.  So for us to pay the tithe and still struggle means the way we are paying the tithe is in error.  OR if you are helping someone who pays the tithe and it is constant as they ALWAYS need help?  Why is this person never increasing? I mean struggle not persecution or spiritual warfare very different things. The struggle comes from disobedience to YHWH from YHWH. Persecution comes from spiritual warfare to keep us in disobedience to YHWH, and this comes from forces against YHWH.

Also “building of the house” means to add to the people.  We do not hunt people down.  YHWH draws in the people.  The reason being he knows the hearts of those that genuinely are seeking him.  Those people will see the way we are living and usually ask questions or want to know more.  Many of them can not help but be around us or watch us.  They are interested in what we say and what we do.  Because they do not see us but they see a SHAMA of truth and comfort.  They see YAH’HASHAWA.  So are we building relationships with those people?  We do not bring them into the feast days (weekly or annual) yet.  Did you know that?  So, all this “invite them to church.”  We do not care about numbers we care about those who are seeking are getting to where we need them to be.  People join in the feast days after they are transformed.  AFTER so that would mean we KNOW the people before we bring them to the gatherings.  Also, we are training up people to hold their own feast days in their areas.  Our communities still only consist of the people of YHWH.  We are spread out but come together at each other’s houses.

Therefore, we place our time and energy as well as funding towards building up the people of YHWH first. And this is known as building the house of YHWH.  Since only select people can teach in churches they violate the spiritual tithe.   

Primary Use of the Tithe

We took care of the priest but today we are called the priest Hebrews 7:17 (the surface scrip here tells the truth).  I know all the religious officers will fight you over this point.  The priest lived in the temples to care for the temples.  So, they lived in the temples.  Also, there were rooms below the temple for when the people came or when people need temporary housing.  So why are we building separate housing today?

Keeping up a separate house and a lavish lifestyle for someone that needs to be working is not tithing.  If the support offered is not enough then the "leader" is responsible for any "leveling up” that is expected.  Leading a church is apparently a business.  An assembly is led by a group of people so yes there would be leaders.  The "church" attempts this with a board.  However, are these people genuinely qualified to be on the "church board?"  Or are they there because of their income status as opposed to wisdom in YARAH?

Looking at the “pastor” working.  The pastor is working today as they are selling you mentoring programs.  And speaking events under the non-profit.  Interesting (non-prophet)…moving forward.  I noticed that people want to use the non-profit status to make their products and services seem super spiritual but more importantly tax-free.  The pastor is what is called a life coach or mentor in this instance and that is fine if that is what they are in their religion.  However, this needs to be a separate business.  Since a “non-profit” is not scrip then it is something that religion has created to “collect” funding.  You know out of those sales it is not “church” money.  Now with the purchase of something that is to set you free using scrip, they also need you to buy that and “tithe.”  The money is being sucked out of us through us going with the flow.  And not just money they want you to volunteer extra time to serve them when you need to be working.

Unfolding the Word Tithing from the Scrips


Why are There Only Certain Qualified Messengers In Religion?

Building the Kingdom is doing our part. So why do we sit and just listen to sermons?  We do not just glean without sharing what we have learned.  We need guidance and direction to point us AND keep us to the way.  Most of the pastors today will say you have to be "verified."  I was once told, “well no one has heard you teach.” Why would I teach first without you verifying I properly comprehend the word?     Also, I attended multiple bible studies and contributed for 3 years.  So I soon realized in religion that we are held back from doing what we are spiritually called to do.  There are superstars in religion.  Does tithing point out superstars??  And they are leading us from the way to go?  Why are we paying to be misled?

We also support those that walk in YARAH to make sure all of us have what we need physically.  AND be surrounded by those keeping us on the way to live in the YARAH (Torah or so-called commandments.)  One does not have more than the other.  That would mean that anyone that says the "laws" are done away with would not receive offerings. As we do not go into pocket with those that conspire against YHWH.  So, you do not help them destroy our people. So, people say we cannot adhere to the MATSAHWAH (YARAH/TORAH)but that is not true.  So why is it we can adhere to tithing?  That one is being twisted because we can adhere to tithing just not the way it is taught in religion. 

Tithing Would Show an Increase in the People Spiritually and Naturally. 

Have you noticed that in religion only certain people seem to increase?  And what is this thing about you needing "people" to appoint you and anoint you?  Can YHWH not send HIS greatest prophet to anoint us?  Stop allowing the RAWAQ SHAMA of this world to keep you at surface level.  

Also, those that attend the church cannot receive the help that is meant for the tithe because of the tax status.  The tax status state they must limit the help of the people.  In other words, they take the tithe but you need to go somewhere else when you need help.  When members need help the tithe becomes spiritual.  I am not speaking of all organizations because there are some organizations that properly use the monetary tithe.  Either way to receive the increase spoken you need to feed people spiritually and naturally.  Help the people of YHWH when they need help and support each other how you can. Contrary to the belief that the tithe is to be given and not expected back is a contradiction of the scrip.  YHWH says, "Place the tithe in the storehouse so that there will be food (provision) in YHWH's house."

We can choose to change up the words to fit self-benefit.

Now the provision set forth to help the people in times of need.  The storehouses are the individual homes and the “temple.”  We, the people, and our bodies are referred to as temples.  YHWH dwells in us as in his SHAMA.  THE SHAMA is the YARAH when we so choose to seek it out and allow it in as in accepting it is TRUTH.  When we depend on something else to provide for us we are saying the way of YHWH does not work.  So for the so-called church house or temple to tell you to go to the government because the lack they caused brings you up short they are sending you to another part of their system.  Proving their system is not under YHWH.

Isaiah 31:1- Woe to them that go to sin for help; and stay on high horses and trust in armies to save you, because many and in horsemen, because they are strong; but they look not unto the Great One of YASH’RAAL, neither sees YHWH. Ezekiel 17:15 but he rebelled against him in sending his ambassadors into sin, that they might give him horses and many people.  Shall he prosper?  Shall he escape that do such?  Or shall he break the agreement of YHWH and be delivered?

Therefore tithing unto organizations that is not under the agreement of YHWH will bring you to constant lack.  Spiritually and physically.

So when should you tithe? Daily. This website is a tithe. Spiritually first then eventually physical overflow will come directing you where to take the physical.

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