Marker of YAMAWAMA (DAYS) and YAH’s Calendar

A heated topic is whether a “day” starts in the evening or during sunrise.  There is also the discussion (well actually more like people argue, and this is not of our heritage) of following the moon to count and prepare for the feast days.  I ask ABA to show me more regarding both topics because this determines how we follow the feast days.  Yes, I believe we need to follow the feast days.  The feast days have dates that we need to follow.  If we do not count the days, how do we know when they start.  Next the “day” the correct name is YAMAWAMA DAYA and means the inflowing, secure, salvation, wisdom, and works of the flowing spirit of YAH.  When does this time start?  Does it begin in the evening or when CHAMAHA rises?

Most people work during the rise of the greater light. And we would gather as the greater light settles we still call this “the end of the day.”  Note working during the light hours does not mean the day YAMAWAMA begins at 12:00 am nor at sunrise.  Yes, people will dismiss this connection that if the "new day" can begin at 12:00 am why is it so far-fetched to believe the new day begins at sunset?  Also, let me clarify that day is not sunrise to sunset because we need to count the dark hours. A day runs from sunset to sunset. As the CHAMAHA sets, the new day begins.

A new YAMAWAMA is a cycle and begins when CHAMAHA (sun) sets and YARACHA (moon) rules the night as in she presides over. YARACHA is the light in the dark as in we are the lights in the darkness, in a dark world. CHAMAHA rises to mark and rule as the greater light as the fire and upon CHAMAHA setting that ends one day.

We could see at night by lamps and the light of the lesser light and the smaller lights, the KABATHA's, if it was a clear night.   The moon is not called the lesser light because she is smaller but because she does not shine as hot or bright as the greater light called the sun. However, we will use their real names, or I will refer to them as the greater and lesser light.  Each light is symbolic, and we do not worship any of these created beings we worship the creator and that is YAH.  We recognize that these things were created with purpose as ABA is a functional ALA.  

During the Feast of Rededication, ABA unfolded more wisdom for me.  I began watching the times and seasons in 2018 and I began trying to see how the times and seasons were changed.  I have spent many years and lots of examining to follow the patterns and I still have much to learn.  Just as ABA said he would send his spirit to lead us to the truth.  Using two books, watching, and listening to see what others had seen and learned but most importantly watching and listening to YAH, counting with calendars, and watching the times and seasons.  My first trackers were very confusing. Another challenge is trying to sort through the twisting and deceptions, but it is worth the battle.

Today, we must count and mark the YAMAWAMA according to CHAMAHA that is the marker of days because He rules the day (YAMAWAMA).  Now we will switch over to the real name for days, the name is YAMAWAMA.  Since the PARASHA SHABATAW (labeled feast days) days show specific dates and months, we can determine that we do not just wing it and follow YARACHA.   YARACHA is the name of the moon.  Interesting once we unfold this word meaning you will see AR in this word as well.  In the book of Enoch, we see what CHA-NAWANAKA (Enoch) was shown.  We are told anyone that follows the YARACHA will error as she falls behind the CHAMAHA and the KAWA KABA-MA by 30 days and a total of 50 days. (the Greeks call them stars because they worship them.  (The word stars come from Astarte). The GAYA changed the phases of YARACHA to match the change of the calendar for the start of the month, CHATASHA-DASHA, YARACHA would change putting us in error to the Sabbath of the first of the month (CHATASHA-DASHA) and, she represents the nation of YASH’RA'AL.

Since people know this those pretending to be us Revelation 2:9 and those who woke but still following their calendars are following people.  The following of man over YAH is the problem.  So, when they follow the current YAMAWAMA calendar, they believe the new YARACHA begins with a sliver.  When I first began watching and attempting to get clear about the true calendar, I could see disorder when we follow the calendar today.  Why would we just stand around for two or three days to wait to see a sliver? What if it is cloudy and often it was cloudy.  I see YAH working to show us we cannot use that pattern to determine the new month and His feast days.  Because of this deception, our people are still all over the place, and they say well it is alright.  No, we are keepers of the YARAH we must keep pressing to get to what was covered up!  When we follow the current sliver concept, we would literally have to ignore the YAMAWAMA count.  Hence of course the GAYA created yet another confusing policy to add to time here and there.  They also created a leap year.  Since they could not force scripts to support this fully only by covering up our language with their language, we did not see the true directions from YAH.

I have observed that on the first of the CHATSA-DASHA (month) the YARACHA (the lesser light) is full.  Why is YARACHA full at the start of the month during the start of YAH’s month?  Observing the start of the Gregorian calendar is set around the phases of YARACHA.  However, the calendar is moved up so that YAH’s new CHATSA-DASHA begins around about the middle of or a third-quarter through of their month or so.  Also, most people know they move up months and they now call the 6th month is the 9th month (September-Sept means 6) and you can go on from there. The the10th month (DEC- means 10) is the 12th month on the GAYA's calendar so YAH’s real-time is split between their months.  Once you begin to see and know YAH’s calendar of course YAH’s calendar is much more functional it makes so much sense.  HAYA ALA!  Why the full YARACHA?  Well, YARACHA is full and reflecting the full light of CHAMAHA.

You see YARACHA faces CHAMAHA and although CHAMAHA is in his chambers he never sleeps and YARACHA is in our realm and can still see CHAMAHA.  She never takes her eyes off Him and the same with the KAWA KABA-MA.  WHEW!!  Hence, we as a nation and individually are supposed to see in the spirit.  We see the light even when no one else can see and we are called to show those who want to see and hear AND be changed by it to teach them.  CHAMAHA reflects this as well. So YARACHA is full and whole when filled with ARA from YARAH.  We need to be whole vessels to hold the YARAH to hold the wisdom of YAH.  We are being healed and this is reflected in YARACHA’s phases.  When she is invisible, she is in full spiritual form and people can not see her as the full light of CHAMAHA make her appear dark or invisible.  Have you ever looked up and seen a very thin line circle in the sky?  You see this is how we want to be when we say, “I want you to see YAH’SHAWA, not me.  We become invisible so you see the true salvation as we are only a reflection of what he has, is, and will do in His people!! Whew again!

The prideful want to be seen so to them this is not doable.

A year (SHANAHA) is 364 days, not 365 and ½ days as we are told. There are only 18 hours in a day as well not 24. People think they have 6 hours more than what they really have. We can fold this time back into the time and if you are trying to track today's clock by the real-time 1 hour is about 1 hour and 33 minutes. Interesting.    

Looking at CHANA-CHA

CHAMAHA and KAWA KABA-MA bring in the years exactly, so they do not advance or delay their position (time) by a single day unto eternity, but complete the years with perfect justice in 364.  

Also, I know everyone has seen her out while CHAMAHA was out.  So, she rules the darkness as in she is the light in the darkness, she is the AR DAR (order) in darkness because she is reflecting the light of YAH, the Spirit of YAH, but she follows and walks with CHAMAHA.  Who follows and walks with YAH?  Correct his people.  

So YARACHA represents us as a nation.  The KAWA KABA-MA represents us individually.  Each of us has our own individual light.  Right now, more of us are attempting to make that individual light outside YAH and the entire nation.  I am recently cutting off people I realized were trying to put out my light and my life because they felt it made them look dim.  We can not continue to operate like that as a people.  

Chapter 72 of the Book of Enoch gives us the breakdown of the months

We also have people that are claiming they have people in London or Israel watching for YARACHA to begin their feast day.  Yes, they always fall before or behind the actual feast days.  I hear people say you should attend when everyone else is attending and even one extra arrogant person said, “I see no error with attending multiple feast days.”  Again, this is people setting the dates and times that they believe can force YAH to join just by showing up and thinking.  The excuse with that is well “YAH still knows we are in our land of captivity.”  Interesting, our bodies are the land, the temples, the house, and ABA is seeking to dwell in us.  Therefore, he is calling us, YASHA’RA’AL to spend time with him in his temple, his word.  We are to observe this time no matter where we are if possible.  ABA does understand there is a transition but if we are fighting to change, he will open the doors we need him to open.  I have heard someone say that we do not have to observe the feast days because we are not in the land.  They are confused too, and they can overwhelm you with lots of falsely translated scripts to support their misleading.  So here is where we need to dig into the meanings and get away from following traditions.  Following YARAH is not a “tradition” because it is our heritage.  YARAH is a pathway, our salvation and anything else will lead to destruction.  

So do we follow the greater light or the lesser light?  The greater light.  The new begins when the greater light sets.  I know it is confusing but that is when the previous day ends.  CHAMAHA is setting or leaving this realm, but he is still there in the heavens looking over and YARACHA shows us this because she is facing him and reflecting his light.  His light is greater than her light although she has light.  

Now we will look at their names that confirm this process.  Also, note-taking the calendar I will give to observe the phases will help us all learn their patterns again like our family before us.  

CHAMAHA- One who radiates light, the fire of the light, one that separates through the light.  There is another name here also and it is AR’YR’SHARA.  The GAYA translate it as Orjares.  We also have TO’MASA translated by the GAYA as Tomas.

CHAMAHA – one who radiates heat.  The fire and straining the separation of the working RA.








 The CHATSA signifies a strainer, and the TSADA represents one humbled at the door of salvation as one the squeezed out that that is filth and unpleasing to YAH.  The CHATSA also signifies a prescribed path of the spirit and looking to the creator from the beginning and surrounding wall of protection.  The HAYAHA means to look to the great power and next to the MAYAMA (water) of the spirit, of the fire.  CHAMAHA radiates heat.  Obedience makes the self elf die so that one can be and have works that are pleasing to YAH.

YAHRACHA has four names. 

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