The Truth About Poverty and Lack

Are poverty and lack really spirits?

Since we know spirits are mindsets.  Spirits control the way we think and in the OBARAYAM the word LABA, known as the heart, is the spiritual center or the seat of the spirit and it involves the heart, the mind, the stomach, and the seat of desire.  Spirits control enter into the body and mind in various means.  We can see the Greek pickup on this understanding in with the psyche.  You can read more about that in this blog: The Power of the Mind Freak.

Since we can feel the presence of spirits we know they mess with the mind.  We can see what we call mental illness was spiritual possession in the scripts and it is still true today.  Part of the deception is that people want to pretend nothing spiritual is going on all while calling on spirits.  So our actions and functions conjure reactions that are governed by the spiritual realm.  So my question was are poverty and lack really spirits?

People run from people that they feel have "poverty or lack mindsets." I mean really, people act like it is a plague.  They believe those "mindsets" are contagious (so they believe it is spirits) so they will run from people that their self-righteousness deems poor or having a mindset/spirit of lack.  I thought those were spirits but at one point I thought the spirits were hunting us down and causing the poverty and lack we see among our people.  I thought our people just "think" a certain way so they are stuck so I fell for the teaching of man then and thankfully the Most Highest YAH showed me the truth in the His scripts, the YARAH.

Perhaps you guessed it they are not spirits or mindsets.  Poverty and lack are the results of walking outside of YARAH.  People are not thinking poor and or hold a lack mindset as in "whoa is me I cannot," otherwise the prideful that walk in false humility would not use those statements as a tactic to gain what they want through pity. Because the prideful love false appearances and want to appear humble when they are prideful.  So that would mean poor and lack are more than mindsets or spirits.  Curses bring poverty and lack.  We are told we will come to lack, longing, nothing as in poverty when we walk in disobedience and we are told we will increase with abundance when we walk in obedience.  Hence it is a consequence of walking outside of YARAH.  

Religion has us thinking they are spirits and this goes hand in hand with the "thought movement."  Learn more about the snare and trap of this "thought movement." As in you can think your way to riches and we know that is not true.  Just thinking of something without action is blind inaction.  Attempting to "speak something into existence" is witchcraft it is conjuring.  So-called "speaking positive" while you are living in disobedience will not bring you what you want.  I am not saying we should not speak positively to ourselves when we are living in YARAH because we must speak the word of YAH to cast out the spirits of disorder.  Having discernment is important because people want an increase from HA SATHANA (who the world calls Satan) so they do not have to walk in obedience.  So stop running from people because someone speaks the truth and is not naming it and claiming or future faking.  Perhaps this person could help you find the light of YAH in YARAH.  Seek first the Kingdom of YAH and then everything else will be added unto you.  Seeking the Kingdom of YAH is walking in obedience to YARAH and then you will break free of the results of disobedience that curse as in wealth poverty, spiritual poverty, and lack.

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