The Spirits of Inspiration
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The realization that mindsets and spirits are the same was an eye-opener for me.  When I attended conferences and other business training, I learned that these people would not give credit to The Highest YAH, but they would promote other so-called “spiritual” practices.  Later, I realize that unrighteous, pagan practices are taught throughout these business seminars to make them buyer-friendly for all cultures.  However, the other cultures must be mentioned or their practices at least for them to keep buying from them.  As followers of YAH, we are not to sit under their teachings, because we do not learn the ways of the heathen.  After all, they think they managed to create an atmosphere that multiple religions can participate, but you must sin to fit into the group.  I noticed that those who call themselves “spiritual” or “Christians” were rather aggressive or passive-aggressive by using psychological tricks to keep us further from YARAH.  Many like to down talk or use reverse psychology and proudly participated in many seminars. 

“How many of us are afraid of becoming a “religious nut” but is that another deception?"-  


Many people today, still believe the lie that the "Old Testament" is irrelevant and they also believe there is a difference between "Old" and "New" testaments.  We are told in and outside of the churches that supposedly YARAH is dead killed by HA MASHA's sacrifice but that does not make sense. Why would YAH have a RAM prepared for sacrifice to cover our sins so we can authentically repent and return to Him? What are we returning to if we do not have YARAH? YAH makes it clear we are to return.

The deception is we can now make up our own pathway to come to YAH. If this is the case why did he get rid of us for sinning (sinning means we missed the mark of YAH that would me YASH'RAAL took their own paths outside of YAH)? Religion, pride, and all other practices that worship someone or something outside of YAH teach their people that YAH changed for the people not that the people need to change for YAH.

Why do we still feel like we were cursed, and why were things still so hard and going wrong?  Contrary to what the world believes, and they know this, we, the children of YAH, do not have wickedness controlling our lives.  The lies of wickedness (disfunction) lead us to believe that the following scripts and walking in YARAH are religious but refer to the religious blog for more information on a breakdown of that word.  If you follow the scriptures, and you fight through the spirit of fear to trust the word to obtain what is called a sound mind (1 Timothy 1:7 KJV).  You must cross over from being of this world as in participating in worldly beliefs. We are here but we are not of this world (John 17:16 KJV – this scripture means we do things YAH’s way (YARAH and not the world's way or our way).  There are common scriptures repeated in the church, but those scriptures are incorrectly taught without the original Hebrew.  I am also noticing that people use Modern Hebrew against us because we do not understand it well at least in the past.  The good news is that even with just starting with the original Hebrew ALA-BAYATAW it will begin to clear up some things.

Have you ever felt like you cannot change your mind?  Looks like no matter what you think you keep going back to the same thought, habit, or way of doing things.  Or what about when we say things like “in the spirit of.”  Those things are not just metaphors.  Words can control the way we think.  If you repeat certain phrases over and over, you change your “mind” but even deeper is that you “change your spirit.” Watering down terminology makes it easier for people to accept psychological warfare. Two common terms I found were “Mental Conditioning” and “Affirmations.” Think about that now!!

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Real change often called set free does not happen unless we can change the spirit.  When helping people with money I must tell you that the spirit of mammon is a harsh spirit.  I had to get tough because people lash out when you take away their way to cheat, lie, and steal.  The love of money is greater than their love of YAH.  

I find it interesting that people recognize lies and oppression of religion, but they fail to see the lies and oppression of the everyday system we operate in today.  There is someone or something always trying to enforce its policy and influence on us, and we must stay girded (guarded up)  some people say prayed up and that is true but what other actions do we need to take? Stop getting stuck by wasting time with empty actions. We must watch out for unnecessary things that take up valuable time that is needed to serve YAH. Often we add things on to feel like we are accomplishing goals.  We need to watch out for certain mindsets (spirits) that we need to fight as in delete by casting out.  The wicked cast spells to make outcomes, but we never use that, instead, we fight with the sword of the word, the helmet of salvation, the shield of faith, guarding our lives with truth by putting on righteous clothing, the breastplate of YARAH, and the shoes of peace.  We wash people with the word of YAH or YARAH, and we walk this out daily.

I hate this spirit from the world because the people with this spirit are forceful.  They will also deflect and use mind conditioning to ultimately force people to do what they are doing.  They are normally operating in a spirit of pride and are part of the wavering spirits because they do not believe YAH could know better than them.  They are wise in their own eyes.

The spirit of inspiration will come in many different spirits depending on what your familiar spirits have collected about you over the years.  However, they cannot curse what YAH has blessed.  Listen how often the popular leaders of society use the phrase, “let me inspire you” or “I found my muse or inspiration.”  What about those that must share what they know or heard including the spirit of religion that is the inspiration technique to force their beliefs on people.  

Having the spirit of inspiration force whatever demonic presence in your life and receiving the spirit of inspiration of YAH is very different. The difference in living out our AMANAH (faith) and forcing them can be seen throughout history as war shows the forced conversion of our people group to certain religions.  However, I find it interesting that people perceive you living out your beliefs as forcing it on them as well.  People want to believe you do what they do period and anything different to them means an enemy is present and they will lash out for no reason.  

Sharing here is a way to help you suit up against wickedness.  Finding areas online that serve the true YAH is far and few between.  Because the inspiration of YAH is here to lead us to the truth we must combine this with study and as you study more you begin to learn that many people can sound like they are walking in righteousness, but it is the appearance only.  Normally they sound like they are standing strong but soon they begin to water down the scriptures to “reach” the people.  Somewhere they picked up a religious spirit of inspiration to “reach more people.”  I find this to mean trapping more people.  I share here not forcing my beliefs nor do I deal in religion. I share because YAH says he will draw his people to him, so it is not my job to “reach” you but to share with you when you have willingly submitted to the spirit of YAH that is YARAH.  YAH does not force us into obedience he gives us choices regardless of how the scripts are twisted in their storytelling.  Once YAH started renewing me from my repentance and his forgiveness and mercy, HAYA ALA YAH!!!

YAH started showing me the reality of the world we live in today where people call good evil and evil good.  We are told to shut up about real scrips while they love the lies so we the people need a place to hear the truth.  Internally I had someone trying to shut me down as well so the spiritual warfare is real, but I will continue to fight, and I hope you will too because we are going to crush the fear to serve the beast system because we only fear one and that is YAH!!

Because inspiration can be good and bad, we must discern the spirit.  The inspiration of the spirit of YAH is of course good!!  YAH’s inspiration is the flow we seek and need from him because it is what he means by the directs our path.  YAH’s inspiration will match up with YARAH and will not cause us to sin.  However, all other spirits will not conform to YARAH but will cause us to sin.  Often it is hard to recognize as it seems righteous but soon, we learn it is a deceiving spirit.  We can not afford to be soft when it comes to standing up to sin.  Standing up to sin is righteous and what we must do so to guard our hearts, to guard our lives, and future generations of YASH'RAAL anything else is spiritually masked as psychological systems meant to destroy us, the people of YAH.  The children of the world will not accept the things of YAH, so we must be willing to let them go if they do not want to hear about true freedom in YAH's Salvation.

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