Matthew Chapter 15 Verses 7 to 9

Foundations Inspired

Listen to this audio as you read along with the blog. Then click the audio below to read along with the PDF.

Today I will cover Matthew Chapter 15 verses 7 to 9 a foundations inspired scrip. The script tells us that people will pretend to worship the creator with their mouths but in their hearts they have other intentions. People say they worship the creator but they worship man made doctrine.

We can see this is happening today as people are claiming to be the people of YAH but are not us. People that seem to have increases but are attempting to ignore the curses that come with those outside the way. So the question is what is really behind this script?

Today we will cover the OBARAYAMA and show what is really in the YARA that we know as scrip. Scrip a pouch for carrying the bread or food.

Audio Reading of the PDF

Listen to the audio as you read along with the PDF Below.

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