Repentance NACHAMA Unfolding

What is repentance?

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I have met many people that believe we don’t have to change to re-enter what is called the “Kingdom of RASHATAW.”  I would think, however, that since an Emperor is a higher status than a King, than the Kingdom above all and certainly above all the emperors is more accurate.  We want to be in the leadership of our Creator RASHATAWA HAABA YHWH.  The highest of all.  We want to serve and know who and what he desires.  Those of us submitted and those who want to be submitted want to know the way of living that is pleasing to RASHATAW.  I don’t want to have to guess what is right.  What is right is what ABA wants.  Thankfully we don’t have to guess!

Unlike religious leaders who don’t tell you how to live.  But instead tell people specifically all you must do is believe that what they tell you and their God is true.  This is not the Wizard of OZ.  You can’t just think of home click your heels and return home.  Do you see the connection between movies, TV, entertainment, and religion?  The entertainment is a message.  A message meant to teach the viewers. 

So, when the bible contains scripts (and think of medical scripts something to talk about later.) just like entertainment it can lead us not to want to know more.  But we can seek the true YAH’HASHAWAH and turn back to RASHATAWA YHWH. RASHATAW will reveal his true YARAH to us for us to submit to the way he created from the beginning.  We can sense that our way of living or anyone else’s set standards outside of YARAH are not working. 

We can see from living experiences that things are not right in the behavior of people.  We are finding out that what we thought were our real direction for living is flipped messages folded to hide the truth.  No, we do not need to give up completely on the Bible because we need that to see through as RASHATAWA gives us sight to see. (Commentary)

How do we get the sight to see?  Because people will say I believe in the Creator and I believe in the word.  Do we?  We are still operating on religious teaching, without seeking to know more, because most people hold what is taught weekly on the Sun God worship day. That means they don’t believe in YARA.  We would need to know that belief is a thinking and living action.  When you believe something you live that thinking.  That means a believer is one submitted to YARAH.  Hence the reason we must get back to knowing YARA, believe that YARA is true so much that we live YARAH. I know religious groups call themselves believers too and this is true but what do they believe? They live what their God believes. If you are offended, use that as an opportunity to change, if you so desire.

The majority of the people are going to say something is wrong with you.  At least until they see you are correct. And even then they will not admit what they see to others.  So, your desire to follow YARA is not to be based on convincing others.  We can’t claim to follow RASHATAW (the creator) and not think in, on and live (outward actions) of YARA or YARAH) 

Maybe you say, "well, I thought we are to be a light."  We show or shine who we serve to others.  The shining part comes with focusing on living YARAH.  Not from forcing people to see you.  Not through talking to those who are not drawn to you to learn more.  Unlike religion you do not force the teachings on people.  Within YARAH the key to receive forgiveness is submission. YARAH with the HAYA at the end means one who willfully receives and lives YARA. 

Willful submission as in confession and holding to the way.  That means you will need to give up control.  You will need to allow what YAH’HASHAWA says and teaches is true and then stick with what we learn.  Ignorance of the LAWA will not give you forgiveness from RASHATAWA. Religious groups refuse to give up control.    

Now lets review the etymology (original meaning) of repentance. And unfold the word in the OBARAYAM NACHAMA.


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