Genesis Chapter 2 Verses 4 to 8


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We end verses 1 to 3 of chapter 2 with us sitting in repentance and ready to relearn the way of YARAH.  YARAH is the way of the creator (RASHATAW). Commentary.  We see that RASHATAW has created a way of returning to His table as in seated to learn again.  We learn sitting at tables so we can take notes as in recording.  We write at desks and tables.  I know we can write on our laps. But when we are in deep study we can get more and retain more from a study session that we have areas to sit and spread-out books, paper, documents, or even devices so we can write.  If we don’t have a desk we are still seated so we can spread out our materials for study.

We also eat at a table.  Since the MAYAMA also represents the SHAMA the YARAH.  MADA is the SHAMA YARAH of the Way.  The Blood is the Door MAYAMA DALATAW.  A doorway or pathway, measurement.

I cover this image in the audio before continuing...

The doorway is the way in and this is the door hung on the rod of correction.  The rod of correction the LAMA the working power and authority of leadership is the standards.  The teacher of the standards.  The mala (word) for standards is LAWAGADA or MALAWAGADA.

Directly in the middle of MALAWAGA we see LAWA.  The word LAWA is not law as in forced upon us as religion teaches.  LAWA as a flowing agreement of power.  When we rise to the standards as in walking the way living the way we receive healing and our SHAMA is increased.  Our outworks and inner works become one in the agreement of RASHATAW.  We also worship RASHATAW in SHAMA and living works when we live the LAWA the YARAH of life. 

In Chapter 2 and verse 4 we see that RASHATAW creates the mark of authority.  The tree branches, repentance, direction, protects, provision and measurement.  One received the mark is approved.  

The word for branches is H8299- SHARAYGA

We are the SHARA’s.  The SHAMA of YARAH flows out from our hearts through our living works.  Provision is given for those that hold to the SHANA.  We grow from our root system HAMASHA.

The LAMA the rod of correction the flow of life.  The LAMA is also know as the branch or the staff of power.  The flowing image of SHAMA or a spirit comes from the staff.  Outsiders would call this a wand.

Many people argue over who holds the staff of power.  RASHATAW and has given HAMASHAW use of this power.  We serve RASHATAW by following HAMASHA’s leading.  We rule as in we hold up the standard. We hold up the measurement.  We first must obtain and maintain living the YARA.  And then we give this to others as well and we never stop living YARA.  I mentioned this because there are some religious groups that believe that once you reach a certain level in their organizations that you can sin if you keep it quiet.  Never, true with RASHATAWA. 

We clean out sin by bringing in thinking and living of YARAH.

Let’s move in to reading of the Chapter 2 Verses 4-8. Click the audio play button for part 1. And read along with the PDF with me. There is three parts that flow in order. You can break this up if you need time and return any time. You can listen as you move about to help retain in your heart. But also note you will need to write what is in the PDF for your records. No printing, recordings, or screen shots. Write.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

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