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A leader is someone that lives what we teach.  We are those that live action.  We are about the knowledge and application of what we learn.  We don’t just talk or tell others what to do.  Nor do we laugh and accept actions or teachings that go against our leader’s teachings.  Leaders are teachers and trainers.  Showing people how to live a particular way.

A leader is a light.  Recently I heard RASHATAW HABA show me that LED on the box of light bulbs or lights doesn’t just mean L.E.D as in independent letters.  And why are LED on or associated with lights?  Led pronounced as L.E.D is led.  That is right as in one who is shown the way.  Light shows the way.  Our main word for light is ARA or YARA.  Light is also seen in the QWAPA and the MAYAMA both represent YARA.  And we see Mawa as a torch.  So, we see a leader carries a staff and the light of the Lawa.  The great flowing connection of the agreement.  The greatest authority of all lands, person, people, living.  Those specifically living YARA lives the LAWA.  Because that is how we are led.

See we come back to led.  L.E.D supposedly.  So, looking at the word “Leader” ignoring “e” we see LAD AR or ADAR order. The d = Dalataw represents the way.  The light of the way shines is lead by a light and leads others.

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