Genesis Chapter 2 verses 9 to 13

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Repentance is what I see and hear.  Meaning we sinned as a people and individually in the SHAMAYAMA before we were born.  We sinned before the “garden of Eden (ARANA).” Yes, contrary to what the religious story tells us.  Because if you realize RASHATAW knew us before the foundations of ARATHA (earth) you would see we are from the SHAMAYAMA.  We are a people in service to RASHATAWA YHWH lead by YAH’HASHAWAH the word.  We would re-connect so we can have power over the principalities of sin of the world.  We learn that sin is real.  And following the LAWA is not legalism as in one is adding to the standards. Nor is sin one who lacks an excellent performance in failing to be a “profitable” fund raising activist for your church.  Or one who refuses to show up and teach sinful doctrine. 

So, determining what is sin is essential.  Because sin is the reason we have fallen.  Differentiating from the fallen and the kicked-out ones is key in the beginning book of the bible called genesis.  Genesis is an English word meaning the origin or mode of formation of something (from  We would see the origin and the reason we need to start at the beginning to comprehend the rest of the books.  Bringing together what HAMASHA meant when he said, “you don’t know the YARAH of RASHATAW.” Matthew 22:29-30

We live in a world where we must fight for our right not to sin.  That is a shame because living YARAH means living truth and people will literally come at you for living against sin.

Note:  Looks like curse has a different meaning.  RASHATAW would have left us in the hands of those that are leaders of sin. (Given over to a reprobate mind- Romans 1:28). Being out of the covering and will of RASHATAW is seen as cursed to us.  RASHATAW would not use sin to “punish” us.   We are corrected according to YARAH.  RASHATAWA would clean up the sin.

The wage of sin is death Romans 6:23.  When we as a people in our SHAMA Bodies died because either we where deceived to sin or chose sin we were uprooted so to speak.  Looking at how trees and plants die when uprooted unless replanted so they can re-root.  We are fallen as a plant or tree is uprooted.  We uproot from our original creator and turn to follow someone or something else.  We become unstable as in roots keep us standing firm and brings in water, light, nutrients from the ground that are activated with the water and sun (CHAMAHA).  We can now go deeper to hold on and bear the wind, floods, rains, even attacks.  We communicate to those rooted in the same forest.  We would know the forest as family.  Hence we are the SHAMANA a family rooted in the YARAH of RASHATAW. 

Since we are drying up for our sins the roots are dying and any sign of life is leaving.  Drying and blowing away Ezekiel 37.  No continuance as it never made it to be fruitful to create seeds.  We would need renewed life.  Can you bring a dried-up plant back to life.  Well, if RASHATAW says so and gives the power to give live yes.  Re-rooted new roots would grow and the plant takes on a new life.  Becoming productive and growing higher and higher this time.  The price to give us that power and life back was the sacrifice of HARAMA YAH’HASHAWA. 

The rivers run from the four corners giving the living water for us to live again. We are now ready to be remolded to learn again the way to l live the YARAH SHAMA of YASHA’RAAL.  Ready to hold firm this time and ready to fight anything that comes against RASHATAWA’s HARAMA’s teachings.  Secured with a new heart and no plans to uproot again.  This time knowing we can’t be deceived because we will fight doubt and hold on tightly to our root system.  Thereby thankful for the life given to us again! We serve deeply rooted and standing strong the LAWA the pressing in and securing of life. 

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PDF Audio Unfolding Part 1
PDF Audio Unfolding Part 2


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