The Two Seeds Sorting Out The Real Spiritual Gifts Part 1

Real Date: 3/18/2022

We receive a seed for planting and reaping.  Only certain seeds are to be sold and others to give away.  We, YASH’RAAL have allowed the seeds of CHATHA-A to corrupt this process.  We need to determine what is for selling and what is forgiving.

Multiplication or increase is the desire or the goal.  We have the ability to receive this gifting from ABA YAH through obedience. The problem is we are told that we are to give away seeds used for trade to multiple or increase our earnings.  Money is not a seed.  I have heard, “money is their seed money,” but if you give money without working it will not multiply as much as you think it will.  Investment is giving someone else money to use for their work.  Money is multiple through the recipient's work and then paid back to the investors' time at a smaller percentage.  But the investor does not earn what the business owner earns.  Hence the reason people want to take over a business is so they can get more.  We are blinded into believing multiplication or increase comes without working.  

The second problem that is greater than the first problem is people are selling spiritual seeds.  Spiritual seeds increase from giving the teachings of ABA YHWH.  Spiritual seed is not to be sold although the same gifts and talents are used to produce both seeds.  Seeds for trade and seeds for tithing. So, they, the spirits of the world, have conditioned the people of YHWH to sell what we need to give away to exhort YHWH’s kingdom.  Therefore, their multiplication does not come from the increase in YHWH.

The people of YAH do not take something from someone without increasing the person in return.  ABA believes both should increase but I know this is not standard today.  Today the world spirit says it is to take, take, take until one person feels the other person is useless or they find someone else to suck the life out of that other person as well.  The children of the world need the living spirit of the people of YHWH so they can keep going.  The children of the world get rewarded by other spirits by taking on those spirits that we know as possession.  Those spirits need feeding by acts of sin, so the puppets need people, and the feeling they get from the other spirit only temporarily never seems satisfied.

When thinking of increasing if the only way to increase means you must give out all you have is lying doctrine.  Also thinking you must serve the person that gives you a gift is also lying doctrine.  The person is supposed to give freely without a price or strings attached (think puppet master).  The person hiring you to work is increased by your work and is not supposed to seek to receive that for free because this drains you of your strength but increases them making the scales unbalanced.

I once served in a church where I seemed to be the only one that had to show up constantly.  So, when I needed help, they attempted to bind any help I needed with making me continue to serve without having an opportunity to learn myself.  So, I was being drained but nothing was poured into me and they humiliated me with public announcements of my struggles that they helped to cause.  This hit me hard, and I found out what mockers look like.  These people also gave gifts that they wanted to give even if I did not need the gift. They gave it because it was a witchcraft trip to trap people with the gift.  Spiritually it puts the strings or chains on your hands for them to control you.  Since I did not know about this magic, I was left helpless to their traps.  Hence the reason they could not let me read the scrips was because I would learn better.  Thankfully I know better now so I can spot spiritual traps and tricks worked through magic.

The magic of the gift trap is linked to blessings.  The real meaning of blessings is to receive gifts through a humbled spirit.  We are told it means gift-giving through praying so CHATHA-A pray with demands to their god and the Modern Hebrew says it means gifts received by the bended knee.  We do not pray in that matter to our ALA.  Also, because wicked spirits demand something from their slaves in return for their “gifts” to them they require their people to jump when they demand them to do something.  ABA YAH has assignments and now this is not the same thing in disguise.  We know we want to participate and help in a functioning situation.  We all have the need to “serve” as in to teach and multiply to help others whether it is in work or “volunteering.”  So, serving is not slavery.  Of course, we give back to the one that gave to us through our appreciation.  We also give gifts in the form of turning from sin and that is the true sacrifice that is pleasing to ABA YAH.  ABA YAH’s gift requirements do not harm innocent people.  The wicked have you thinking they are innocent so since the spirit of discernment is lost you believe they are falsely accused when they are the ones putting their sins on the innocent.  

Wickedness cannot survive otherwise things will not get better.  Since people call good evil and evil good, they are killing the wrong people and supporting the wicked.  Sadly, those that support the wicked will not survive.  Yes, they know but refuse to acknowledge the truth so no one will perish without having an opportunity to choose.  ABA YAH is not that type of ruler.  Also, you can feel wickedness you know when something is not right but depending upon the heart of the person they may not care.

More of an audio recording to expand on this topic.

Why do we have wickedness if your God is so great?

Well, wickedness exists from those that chose death.  Everyone has a choice as I spoke of in the Genesis series, we know this because this is a plane of passing through.  Either we will choose life, or we will choose death.  Why?  Because ABA YAH is the creator of life, yes without a doubt.  Anything else has twisted the creation and deceived the world into believing they are the creators.  Hence, we are told that people will go off the path of life the narrow path and embrace a lie and worship the created (creature) instead of the creator by taking the wide roads.  Romans So, we do not have multiple life creators.  Anything with more than one head is a monster hence we get the beast system.

ABA YAH has a purpose and assignment and among the “angles” messengers of ABA YAH, there is an assignment to protect.  Wickedness must go so there are those set to take out wickedness and they are the weapon against the wicked.  However, they left their assignments attempting to take over ABA YAH’s place.  So, they lost that battle and got kicked out of the SHAMAYAMA.  Now the weapons are coming after everyone including their own seed.  So, no one is exempt in their minds.  People think if they join them they are saved but no.  ABA YAH, HA MASHA’YAKA is going to take them out and they know this and anyone with them.    So, they are the cause of wickedness.  The “scape-goat” syndrome is a lie.  The goat sent off into the wilderness with the sins of YASH’RAAL was to represent the one that started the sin and brought others into the sin-causing sin.  So, the goat was not innocent and being falsely accused regardless of how that was trans lie ate. That goat represents someone that is completely guilty. 

ABA knew when he gave his creations a choice some would choose life, and some would choose death so there had to be an answer for those that chose death.

Azazel (really OZAZAL) means The weapon of the harvester. The shifter and tool for cutting the seed of error. The weapon against the unrighteous. The chaff and tares will follow this weapon separating them from the wheat.

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