Breaking Free of Unrighteous Counsel

Psalm 1-3 Translated: One looking to a or moving with the people of pride of the spirit of disorder and chaos and blindness and bend to their will find an unknown watcher and destroyer.  But One looking to THE Destroyer and walking in the working waters will separate himself and cover his life and allow YAH to bring him close for examining and washing in the working waters.  He will remove himself from the high places of pride from the creature BAHAMA and do not take a seat among the mockers and scornful working spirits and powers against the people of YAH and know the great power of YAH.  Do not give them your flowing power and bind and join with them.  Do not give your desires and powers outside of YAH.

Turning back to YARAH or Torah is a battle.  I know before I fully embraced the word of YAH or what I call “all-in” I could see people thought they were all in if they attended a Christian church frequently or if they showed up for every little time-sucking event.  Perhaps you are upset at that comment because, in all honesty, the focus of the social gatherings is on the number of people that they can get to join the church.  There would be a couple of scriptures spoken but then it would go off into someone’s superficial story.  Often those that could attract people to the church for a false conversion would be used in the top offices.  Sadly, I spent about 5 years in this mess but I can say YAH encouraged me to study on my own while I was there so I could still see his truth when he was ready. Personally, I had some difficult struggles going on as many people do not want to accept the gentrification that we are currently experiencing across America.  Many are working together to push out what the world calls “black people” from their communities all while claiming not to be racist.  Now if you add the spiritual fight to become YAH’s set apart people again you will think nothing is going on as religions have taken over.  When YAH began giving me answers to my prayers it was not going the way I thought it would go.  I soon found out not the way most people falsely believe either.  Many think that if you are in obedience you should have the world’s version of riches.  I can go on explaining why religions need us to be poor and I explain more in this blog. Physical poverty is not always the required calling from YAH but spiritual poverty is always required.  Well, not perpetual physical poverty anyway.  Sometimes you need to give something up to get more.  Learning to trust in YAH takes a powerful dedication to change.    YAH knows what you need to give up for repentance and salvation.

When people told me, I was the cause of my issues I was torn.  When I said I was being obedient, and he was going to give back what we lost they talked about me behind my back and accused me of being super religious or dependent on the system.  Later they were surprised to discover I was neither.  I felt like I was being torn between the natural belief in blessings and the spiritual belief in blessings.  I questioned if I was insane because I knew they did not have power over me or my income aspect of life.  Yet, they wanted to give me things that YAH was telling and showing me, If I wanted to see HIM and to see him increase us, I needed to get rid of the sins in my life, in our lives.  I wanted to see him and I wanted to see him increase us.  The Highest YAH brings an increase without regret when we operate in obedience.  I could tell from my studies that if I am obedient, I could expect his blessings to increase without regret. DAVARAYAM 8:18

Proverbs 10:22 KJV – The blessings of YHWH, it makes rich, and he adds no sorrow with it.

I learned that people in the church use money and social status to boost their position in the church, but you should know that the church position has nothing to do with salvation.  I remember my grandmother saying there are people going to hell through the church.  Today, I know that means they do not walk out the YARAH, but they put forth a lot of wasteful actions or it is often referred to as fruitless works when you think about seed and harvest comparisons.  When we cultivate the soil, plant seeds, and tend to the garden it is YAH that makes things grow.  We still monitor and there is a part we participate in as YAH guides us to how to take care of the plants as the farmer.  However, how it turns out is up to YAH.  Part of the acceptance of that not being in our control is just like our walk with YAH.  If I start to peel away the layers of indoctrination can I walk QWA-DASHA (on the threshing floor of separation -set-apart) and still be successful?

Yes, YAH says, “If you are careful to walk in my MATSAWAH you will be successful.” Joshua 1:8 KJVHowever, there are things that stand up when we stand up.  Things that fight to keep us spiritually blind and dead to the call of our HaMashiach.  Spiritual forces that use people.  If you listen to people without reading for yourself, you will find it hard to grasp and understand the truth of YAH.

Are you brave enough to walk against the tide? 

Not many people know or know and acknowledge the truth of YARAH.  AMANAH in Hebrew gives us a visual picture of faith.  The Hebrew portion that was told to us that there was no way we could understand it without a Rabbi and intern we had to convert to multiple pagan religions before they would share the knowledge.  Another mechanism of control by man puppets.  Unlike YAH if you seek him earnestly with a sincere heart, he will feed you and give you the spiritual water that you seek. I wrote a blog about my frustration thinking the issue was that people thought I believed in charismatic theology.  I was trying to tell them I was not a religious person so for the most part I did not know all the different doctrines and spiritual demonic teachings going on at the time.  I was not aware that the one-world process had started.  The one world teaching says they all serve the same god and perhaps that is true, but it is not YAH.  I did not know this, so I allowed the unrighteous to cause me to sway.  But no more!     YHWH Etymology.

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