Fear the Spiritual Gift

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The Reason We Fear One

I once made a post and the person asked a great question.  You are not supposed to be afraid so is it not contradictory to say fear your god?  I can say it is a reasonable question.  I can see why it would seem hypocritical.  I could not explain the difference other than reciting a common phrase. I said, “it means reverence.”  Now after experiencing more and seeing more of a deeper knowledge of ABA YHWH it is true but we need to break this down more.

I know that time has proven that fear is a control mechanism.  Fear is also sensing and awareness. We call something “fear” when we cannot recognize something or something is happening or about to happen (sensing) that makes us feel extremely uncomfortable.  So, what we call fear is a warning system that either we need to proceed with caution or to leave ( as in get to a safe point to observe) because we need to analyze as in “test the SHAMA (thinking)”.

  However, the fear that is commonly used to control is to mentally (spiritually) to keep someone in a place that keeps them frozen or stuck.  The fear used in the controlling factor is a twisting of the sensing of fear.  Because “fear” becomes the captor instead of a tool for warning us. Since we do not like the sound of the word “fear” we automatically view this as an all-around bad word.

YARAH is listed as Fear in the Scrips. Why would our salvation be viewed as "fear"?
Fear Esword Bible App
Esword Bible Application

People view fear as a weakness or so that is what those that control the spiritual trends of society want people to view “fear” as.  Fear is also a supernatural power. One's “fear” of something is overcome by “fear” in something else if you think about it as we do not get rid of “fear.”  So is “fear” a shama (spirit or mindset)?  No. “Fear” is what is used to either help us or hurt us by shama (spirit or mindsets).  People are shamas too so we need to embrace that fact.  Not all shamas are what we are told is “ghosts”.  We are living and breathing shamas. We are Shamas that are birth forth in our literal assignments.

We overcome captive fear by learning there is a bigger matter at hand.  We fear the loss or stepping out of the will of YHWH.  Why? Because he is going to clean up anything that is outside of his will. I do not want to be caught up in that cleanup.  I prefer to be cleaned up now so I can enter in to YHWH’s kingdom again.  The cleanup upon the return of YAHASHAWAH will result in the destruction of anyone or thing that has rejected the SHAMA the RAWACHA of YHWH. As in the YARAH.

So, breaking out “fear” for the spiritual (shama) sensing the word is PAYA ARA.  The working of a speaking light and shama. One that brings something to light and shows the way to proceed. One that keeps and protects moving one along the way.

Review the video teaching the unfolding of “fear.”  Hopefully, you will come out with a very different view of “fear.”    Click the image below to watch the video. The video will open in a new window or browser.


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