Remembering the Calendar of YHWH

Real Date: 1/4/2022 Original Post. Updated 1/1/2023

Attempting to follow the calendar of YAH in this modern-day can get confusing.  However, it is not impossible.  Remember all things are possible with YAH. We have the power of YAH through YAH’s RAWACHA to lead us to truth and it is time to take back what we lost and what was stolen.  

Beginning with month (CHADASHA) one (ACHADA) we will look at the High SHABAT’s that are coming up.  We will look at PASHACAH.  We know this feast week as Passover.  PASHACHA lasts a week it begins in the evening (AR ABA RB).  We will dig into the meaning of these words in separate blogs to help you see the deeper meaning of each word.  We find the direction of the inscribed path within our words.  Because wisdom is within the words, I can see why ABA confused the language.  ABA confused the language because confusion stops progress.  

Wickedness (RAWAQ) desires to progress in its works.  People tend to think if someone or something is progressing it must be good.  But good is the function of operating within YARAH within the spirit of YAH.  Therefore, those that deny YAH, and there are more of them than of those who accept ABA whole heartily, are functioning within their own works or the works of what they worship.  Therefore, it is progress because everything works together for the plan of YAH.  RAWAQ’s also known as the GAWAYA has made a choice not to serve YAH.  Everyone and everything has a choice and that is something we need to grasp.  The awesomeness of ABA is how he still gives everyone time to declare (repent) their CHATHA-A (sin) and return to Him.

Getting back on track as to when we need to show up is essential and the RAWAQ’s know this fact.  RAWAQ’s know that for us to show up at the appointed times we must know when they occur.  The RAWAQ’s know this because our people are watchers and seers.  All YASHA’RAAL are watchers and seers not just a select.  Some of us have a deeper vision than others because of how deep we walk with YAH.  Knowing that we must have a deep walk in the wisdom of YAH was hidden from us by the translations changing it over to “measure of faith.” There is a parable about the seeds and each one will be rewarded according to their “measure of faith.”  So, people think if they live by the translated Greek version of belief they can hold strong to their “thoughts” (vain imaginations) and knowing and they have to “believe” harder than anyone else they are worthy to be blessed and this is today’s version of faith. 


We must unfold the words faith and wisdom.  I unfold wisdom in the blog “The Two Spirits of Wisdom”.  Did the disciples (LAMADA or known as lamed) did they really have little “faith?”  Or did they have little comprehension?  Did they have more of the world wisdom than the wisdom of YAH or the eyes to see and the ears to hear?  We know they had “faith” because they were chosen to serve YAH HA SHAWAHA very closely.  

We must see what the word translated as “faith” means.  Therefore, walking in the ways of ABA YAH is walking the path to the door.  We will change on this pathway.  If you are on this path and fighting change just as we are told you are not one of us.  Because how can you see the mighty power and works of YAH and become humbled?  I know most of it is learning that what we are taught in the world today is not of YAH.  Most of us believe or believed at one time that they are good.  However, when you are finally able to read the entire Bible, you will see the whole world went astray therefore we have to analyze what we are learning and have learned.  

Why?  Discernment is what we must have and then the strength and fortitude to turn from those that are outside of YAH.  I know this is challenging because looking at the times and seasons and calendars today shows how different the system today is from YAH.  Breaking out of the pattern of the fear of walking with YAH must be flipped back into the correct place and we need to fear not walking with YAH. Yes, embracing this calendar will begin to make sense and you will soon realize you felt this inside all along because ABA did write it on your hearts.

YHWH's 2023 Calendar

The 2023 Calendar of YHWH. The count of days was confirmed when all of the supposed other calendars all aligned in 2021. ABA YHWH answered my prayers to confirm the count of days over following the moon. This is not the solar calendar mess either. Hover over the pdf to move pages. Marker of Days Blog why we do not follow only the moon or the sun.

Scrips for related feast days information: Leviticus 23.

The purple represents Sabbath the original pronunciation is SHABATAW. Once I add and unfold the meaning of each feast day and the sabbath day I will update the calendar PDF. The dates will not change.

Below I am posting the GAWAYA calendar to help you reference for days off if you can. We are in remembrance so ABA knows if you can or can not take off. But if you can you most certainly will receive the increase from remembrance. I am posting today it is 12/31/2022 real day the date of YHWH. The date is 3/19/2023 on the GAWAYA (Gregorian) calendar. Let me know if you have any questions.


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