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Please review this blog: Marker of YAMAWAMA (DAYS) and YAH’s Calendar for more information so this blog will flow.

Today's real date is 12/25/2021.- Translation of the words to come.

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"The changing" of the times and seasons were prophesied.  We can see the changing of times and seasons as far as on paper and through clocks.  No one has the power and authority to change what ABA YAH has set into place.  We are the ones off track.  Spiritual we are being called back to this knowing and comprehension of how the heavenly lights display time and mark the hours, days, seasons, and years.  ABA YAH said he would write his instructions, standards, his light on our hearts.  Perhaps if we gain a knowledge of the deeper meaning of the word translated as "hearts" we will begin to see that the meaning of "hearts" is more than a warm feeling inside that something “just feels right.”  A "knowing" is more than a feeling and does not work according to the mythology of the GAYA.  Writing on your hearts (LABA or LAMABA) means placing it into your mind, vision, and envision. as into a space of knowing (RASHA).  The heart is the mind and the spirit that are one and the same.  We receive the inflowing of the spirit that manifests in our spiritual vision that we are to wear as glasses on our eyes.  We see the inflowing of the guided path of the Highest YAH.  The times and season help us to know and recognize where we are on the timeline although we do not know the exact day or time of the return of HA MASHA, we know it is coming soon.  

While we prepare, we are to attempt to walk in the instruction of ABA YAH as much as possible.   I love it as it is truly surrounding protection and especially as we place this into action.  The truth Is that our weapons are spiritual more than natural.  Spiritual weapons manifest in the natural.  However, people place the use of natural weapons over spiritual weapons and therefore seek YAH’s wisdom and ways last, if at all.  Knowing our weapons and the weapons used against us is the first part of activating our spiritual weapons.  When we embrace our spiritual authority and powers we are called crazy or “religious nut jobs” regarding spiritual weapons. We are told this by the very people that use those spiritual weapons against us.  Mind psychics or more commonly known as mental manipulation or mind games are spiritual weapons.

Times and seasons with YAH is a pathway laid before us by YAH and we can choose to walk on that path through YAH’s salvation or we can choose another way.  We know there is no other way.  There is no question so if your goal is to reach YAH there is no other way.  If your goal is to reach what you call God and your own salvation path then you are on a pathway outside of YAH.  There is no question because ABA makes it clear there is only one way.  Once we learn to discern between the path of and to YAH and imitation, we can see when something opposes that way but still calls itself the light.  Make no mistake, the imitation light is not so deceptive that you cannot see through this mask, so we can choose that path by ignoring what we see.  People are losing the way through ignorance.  Ignorance is not the lack of knowledge, but it is knowing and choosing something else.  People only question this because they want something else.  

I know and serve ABA YAH willingly.  I know the difference between choosing and tricking.  I know what it looks like, means, and feels like when something else is attempting to force me to serve it.  I can now look at the calendar of YAH and the heavenly markers to see there is a path that is being revealed to us.  What we are given on earth and told to follow is purposely forcing us off this inscribed path.  Why is it called an inscribed path?  The OBARAYAM word for inscribed is CHAQWA. CHAQWA is the symbol of the CHATHA and the QAWAPA

We can see within this word you see CHAMAHA, a wall, the mark, the foundation, the speaking power of works.  The opening of salvation and order at an appointed time, specific time, the function is CHAQWAQWA.  The seed of light.  The pathway is revealed through the light.  The surrounding protection and power as in the wall.  CHAMAHA and all the luminaries mark the sky or the SHAMAYAMA as it crosses daily.  Each has an assignment and the greater light pattern is the same.  Inscribe means to write in something, to mark.  The CHATAW is also the rib or as in the covering of the chest cavity so this is the reason you may be familiar with YAH said he will “write it on our hearts.”  As in YAH has already inscribed not only prescribed the pathway into our hearts.  I also see the CHATHA as our skulls the outer protection of our minds, right.  I see the THATAW as the gut so perhaps you can see the connection of the mind, heart, spirit, stomach, and the seat of desire is the LABAMA.  LABAMA is what we know as Lamb or LABA or Leb and this is translated as “the heart.”  Indeed, it is the heart because it is our center or spiritual connection.   We have an inscribed, pre-defined, pre-created path from the foundation.  We have the seed of life (CHAYA) living in us and that movement is in cycles just as our markers, times, and seasons.  I look at the word for wisdom as CHAKA-MAYAMA.  

Ending 2021 and going into 2022. We look at the days of the week as in the numbers and our numbers have names and meanings. More to come on our numbers. Day is YAMAWAMA in the OABARAYAM.

The full Year 2022 Calendar of YHWH. Hover over the PDF to get the page controls.


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