Purim” the word is PARAYAMA or PARA YAMA or PAWARA YAMA. We observe this feast day this month the 12th month. Today is 12/6/2021 according to YAH's Calendar.

Crush/wine press through the working waters of YAH.  Trampled and crushed as grapes but grapes bring forth wine upon fermentation.  The root word is PAR.  Strongs H6331

Fruitful opening the heads. Humbled.  This is also the name of the bull/ox as the ox/bull was used to crush the heads of the grain on the threshing floor.  What is amazing to me is that they did not crush the seeds.  YAH’s Salvation HA MASHA was crushed and bruised for our sin (CHATHA-A).

Working water, mighty working waters, flouring of works, mighty working spirit, mighty movement, YARAH.

The meaning of “Esther.”  The real name is ASA CHARA.

Root word ASA.  Store, Strong wall, a place of strong standing and strength. Place of bonding as in coming together to seek and service YAH.

The heat of the man outside the walls of safety. The light will burn those walking a path and time unprotected outside of YARAH. The Humbled man - Man on the humbled path of salvation, tomorrow, or later.  The Shepherd would take his time before going out in the heat of the day to prevent the heat from overtaking him.  The Shepherd took his time to gather the wisdom of YAH to stay on the correct path while walking the land.  The correlation here is the same as the time we have here on this earth.  We are in this world but not of this world and the YARAH will either be salvation or the burning.  

Date of observance for PAWARA YAMA– 12th month – The 13th day is a day of preparation.  The 14th -15th days are the SHABATAW days of rest. The day for the Gregorian Calendar is February 23, 2022, which is the day of preparation.

Translated for the Gregorian Calendar. Prep day begins the evening of February 22-February 23. Shabbat would begin the evening of February 23-26th, including the normal weekly Shabbath.

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